Have you been trying to blog for a while? So have I. Turns out at you to think you start because you love sharing your thoughts and knowledge with people but at some point, it becomes about the traffic you are gathering. It becomes commercial. Makes you feel guilty and a cheat to yourself. I believe you should not feel guilty. It is completely natural to feel that way. Let me revise for you all the reasons why you started blogging. Revisit the zeal you had when you first decided to take this step. Believe in yourself again and continue this.

1.You love writing

You keep a diary. You write almost every day and love to put your thoughts out on the paper or for that matter anywhere. Putting forward your thoughts and making sense out of it is a trait that only a few possess. Don’t let it go waste. Keep the writing going. This will make you better at it and once your article makes more and more sense it’ll be gathering an audience on its own. Don’t rush it. Sincere request. I know I may have slipped into that trap a while back, but it hit me that I just love putting thoughts out there regardless of how many of you are reading it. I love all two of you.

2. You like sharing

Simply sharing your thoughts to people from far and away is not a problem with you. You want them to know, you want to know them. Get to know their thoughts. Explore, be adventurous with them, make a few friends on the go like I tried sharing my research internship experience. You are no shy category peeps. This is good. Get the explorer in you out via writing. It will help your mind grow thanks to perspectives from people around the world at one place.

3. New Venture

At some point, it had become too monotonous for you. Same routine, nothing exciting was coming your way for a long time now. That excitement that comes with something new and creative was up untill now a void in your life. You wanted to fill it with more creative stuff. You found your calling with blogging. By this time you might have read so many blogs and followed these influencers who were getting people participated in their work and share it with more and more people. Whoo! Sounds so exciting

4. Just trying it out

There were maybe a lot of people around you who got into blogging or youtube. Sharing their ideas or teaching others what they know best. It’s a good way to get the word out here You like how your blogger friends get to interact with people with cultural backgrounds, they love reading positives about their work. Feels really good when you are no the only one who once struggled with something and then you come to know about literally hundreds who went through the same. Feels good to be part of the community. Which brings me to the last point.

5. Build a community

Your uniqueness and your talent is shared by millions around the world. Get them togethere and build a community. To share ideas, learn new things and be a part of an extended family. It brings joy to see people grow and learn in front of you or from you. You would be amazed to see how much positivity is around you. It will get you hitched to this beautiful side of the interwebs.

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