10 things that are blocking you from losing weight

“Why Am I not losing weight ?” People around me are getting fit then why not me? Am I doing something wrong? and many more. Time to pop the question bubble.

Do you find yourself asking this question very often? why am i not losing weight ? When I am

a. Doing Exercise

b. Eating right

Well these might not be the only requirements. Timing and consistency is vital to accomplish any task. Your life is about to get more meaning when you learn about the following :

1.Will power

“It’s not that some people have the willpower and some don’t. It’s that some people are ready to change and others are not.” James Gordon

Why am i not losing weight ? Real reason why you are not getting fit is you. You are blocking your way. Your path is hindered by none other than you. You you and you. Stop being malign to your own healthy body. Do you find these similar?

Eating out twice a week. Needing a sweet dish after a hearty mean. Eating more than you want and then feeling bloated. Nobody was forcing you. But you. Next time you want to go beyond limits remind yourself of one good thing that is going to happen when you look the way you want to look.

Gather up that will power. Choose a healthy word. Once you say that word there is no going back. That word is sacred to you and you only. Keep it to yourself. Play a game that you want to become a master of and then once you reach the BIG BOSS. Kill that fat and be the best you can be.

2. Planning

why am i not losing weight

You are not planned enough. The thing about planning is mostly psychological. Planning doesn’t necessarily always helps when you follow it but it has a pre-effect which is critical. Once you make the effort of jotting down your plan your brain starts to prepare. This preparation leads to confidence when you begin that task.

There is a difference when I push you into a gym and when you have thought about joining a gym and you plan to go for it from the beginning of next month.

So take a pen and paper. Plan your meals, your workout. Plan your week. Keep workout three-four times a week. Play a sport one day. Give yourself a cheat meal once a week.

This will not only keep track of things but eventually you will start to see yourself grow. Why am i not losing weight ? Real reason why you are not getting fit is you are not Planning enough.

Plan and lead the project. Be the project leader. Prepare a presentation once done. No don’t do that. Just planning will do. You are your own boss. Yeaaaaa!


3. Consistency

Consistency is the key. Mark those words or be ready to live a life of regrets. Don’t fret in the first week. That is not when you see major results. Major results come after consistency. So be consistent for at least 30 days. You are losing weight. You are gaining muscle if you are working for it. But be consistent with the plan.Real reason why you are not getting fit is you are not consistent in your approach.

Consistency is hard the first week and thereafter it starts to sit with your daily routine. That is our goal, to make it a lifestyle change and not a radical one. Consistency is the word. Find synonyms if you’d like.

4. Motivation

why am i not losing weight

Motivational video by Nike to get you moving

Highly likely you are not motivated enough. Watch transformation videos and stories. These will inspire you. Most of them have conditions to begin with that seem impossible. You would be in a better condition compared to them yet they are living the fit life and you are not.

Transforming yourself isn’t easy when you have to motivate yourself into getting up early and running by yourself. These things become easier when

a. You have a partner. Get yourself a partner to run with. Go to the gym with or do exercises with.

b. Go and enroll in a gym. Money is motivator in the reverse sense here. You wouldn’t be paid but you since you have invested the hard earned money you are likely to make good use of it. Don’t let it waste itself.

c. Watch transformation stories. I’ll link some of them here to get you started with.

Why am i not losing weight ? Real reason why you are not getting fit is you are not focused and motivated towards your end goal.

5.  Lame excuses

You probably are surrounded by evil forces called LAME EXCUSES. They come in varied sizes and forms. “It is raining outside”. “I don’t feel like it”. ” I can take three- four rest days”. “My sun sign demands me to remain inside today”.

If you have more, comment below and let me know.

You immediately know when you make these excuses that this is not right. Your body is being declined a good run or gym session. But your brain has other plans. Maybe your brain wants to play on the Laptop or watch endless youtube videos.

Do yourself a favour and go against your brain. Just count to 20 and get up and get going. You will thank yourself after that good workout session and maybe next time before stopping yourself you will be reminded of the good feeling after the work out.

Say no to these lame excuses so that you never have to ask yourself Why Am I not losing weight.

6. Inadequate Sleep

Sleep is charging. Good sleep is turbo charging. You like it when your phone charges to a good potential and only in half an hour. With humans half an hour is too short but good sleep for even a good 6-7 hours is a must. You give your muscles rest and let them replenish in their own sweet time. It will give you the results you have been dreaming of (literally).

7. Drink Plenty of Water

Maybe you are not drinking enough water. Water is the elixir of life. Water does wonders. It helps you stay fresh i.e you stink less when you are hydrated, your skin feels fresh and plus your tendancy to overeat reduces. So drink 3-4 litres of water and you are good to go daisy!

8. Peer pressure

This is my weakness. I give up under pressure. When on an outing you are likely to be met with the following statements “Just this one time”, “C’mon one time won’t make you fat”. You need to know that yes one time won’t make you fat but it is the craving you have to fight.

Fight the temptation. Your day will come but it is not today. It is when you have decided it to be. If it is once a week and you have had already eaten once then don’t go for the second because that weakens the determination of your brain. Be a little strict this one time.

9. Medical reason

why am i not losing weight

If you have been detected with thyroid or any other health problem. Immediately consult your doctor. Don’t try things on your own because they might have adverse effect on your health.

10. Mindset

You need to build a positive mindset to achieve anything. Don’t begin by thinking I am not capable of achieving a body that I see on social media. Those people obviously have personal trainers. Their jobs demand that. Since I have no such needs and motivation I’ll never be able to achieve that.

You can. You will be able to achieve a healthy and fit body. It won’t be perfect like Instagram because half of that is photoshopped. That is not our aim. Our aim is to be healthy, fit and happy from inside.

So next time you ask yourself why am i not losing weight, think of at least 5 of the above reasons and check them. If you are not doing 5 or more you know the answer. ALL THE BEST.

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