Today I learned that writing daily is something I need to do more often.

I have tried to build up this habit for quite some time now but it never really lasts for more than 5 days. Reason being I am only answerable to myself for writing or not. I convince myself pretty good to not write and go to sleep. If I write this for an audience maybe I am responsible for somebodys day. This will get me going everyday.

This is a supplement to my main page because there are no keywords, no fancy taglines, nothing I want to rank. It is very unlikely this will end up on page 1 of google. I don’t care about that in this section.

This section is for venting and learning. I vent out what I learned through the day and hope that somebody somehwhere will benefit from it. That’s the motto, solely.

Today I learned that starting something new should come easy. Everybody deserves a chance to fail or succeed with their new ventures. I do not know how this section will end up on my website. Taking a leap of faith is all that mattets.

Take that plunge. Today I learned that Taking the plunge is sometimes all you need to do.

Go down that lane which scares you. Answer the question you are most afraid to answer. Th result of this plunge should only matter to you. If you fail it is on you and nobody has the right to blame you but you. If you succeed, it is you who is the master and nobody else has the right to take that away from you.

Independent Choices

Sometimes our choices that should only involve what we feel start considering others. By others I mean people who merely are there. Society, group of friends we never meet and many more. You need to change this. If you consider what they are going to feel or do when you make YOUR decision then I suggest you drop that idea altogether.

Today I learned that be Independent. Be so independent that you can switch to reading a book if you like than thinking about a person. You can go to the gym if you like rather than spending time with friends who matter less to you. Do this sometimes. Be that independent sometimes.

All you need is you sometimes and nobody else. Cherish that time.

Today I learned that starting this section is an Independent choice that I have made so that whenever I feel dependent of something I can come to this section and write about it. That’s what I have learned and it matters to nobody right now but me. I am happy and nobody knows about it.

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