Short note on HUMAN LIBARY | Today I learned

human library



What is the Human Library Concept?


In this Library the ‘Books’ are people who have experienced prejudice, social exclusion or stigma and they are borrowed by ‘Readers’ who can ask any question they like, to both learn about the other person and also challenge their own prejudices.


This came about spring of 2000 as a project for Roskilde Festival by Ronni Abergel and his brother Dany and colleagues Asma Mouna and Christoffer Erichsen.


“One good book is equal to hundred good friends but one good friend is equal to a library”. Late Former President APJ Abdul Kalam


This is a reading Session with no filters, no editing, no imagination and everything is real.


Why you should attend this event?


It helps build understanding for diversity by providing a framework for real conversations about important issues.

Open and honest conversations that can lead to greater acceptance, tolerance and social cohesion in the community.


How does this work?


You go into the Human Library and look at the listed ‘Books’ and choose what you want to know about.

Then the protagonist himself/herself tells you the story for  a period of 15-20 minutes.

People who have taken part in these events elsewhere have reported that they can be profound experience for all concerned.


The Human library organisation wrote on their page “ the policemen sitting there speaking with the graffiti writer, the politician in discussions with the youth activist and the football fan in a deep chat with the feminist.” This line is both exciting and ignites the curiosity of someone who enjoys listening to experiences from an entirely different background.


One american says “ I learned about a girl who came here from Nepal” and another says “ I am from religious catholic background and I am gay”. Everybody has a story to tell and hearing it first hand is no less than magic.



Today I learned | Stop procrastination READ THIS

stop procrastination

stop procrastinationStop procrastination READ THIS | TIL

This week I learnt a lot about myself. Procrastination was the key point which I will subtly mention in the coming points. Stop procrastination now. That is the only thing you need to know. Read my week and learn what I learnt.

Day 1

I learnt a lot about my body today. It is about the intensity and not the quantity. Quality over Quantity always. Learnt that pushing my body to its limits will reap the best results. I felt good about my workout today because I was giving my 99.99% of what I can. Fact, learnt that running faster and increasing your heart rate makes us breathe more oxygen which in turn burns the fat. I learnt that being overweight is difficult and losing weight is difficult too, we just have to choose our difficult. The difficult we want to live with.

“Great work requires great and persistent effort for a long time. … Character has to be established through a thousand stumbles.”

Day 2

I also learnt that learn everything that this world or your surroundings have to offer and learnt that I might have developed some good habits over the course of the last month. Learning is a process about which I’ll write here. I am writing to somebody.

I learnt that how important it is to seize the opportunity when it is right in front of you. Enjoy it while it is there. Squeeze everything that you can get out of it or you’ll end up regretting. Stop procrastination and regret will become a forgotten word. Regret is something that nobody is fond of. Be wise and work. Enjoy the opportunity not because everyone else doesn’t have it but because you have it.

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Day 3

Stop procrastination, rather reduce it. Stopping it completely is ambitious and I have learnt that at this stage I just can’t abruptly stop it. So it is my goal to finish certain work this week. I’ll focus my energy on finishing that rather than crying about it later. All the best to inner mental me.

Day 4

Today I learned that becoming better is such a beautiful process. Investing time in reading, learning new skills, becoming fit gives immense pleasure when you start seeing results. It accelerates the becoming better process. It is good to invest time in oneself, that is the major learning and realisation from today.

Day 5

Today I learned that getting work finished is something more important than waiting for it to be perfect. I have had tough two days in terms of health and hygiene but it all good now. I learnt that preparedness is always rewarded and is appreciated by all. Plus I am adding a quality to my personality. Honesty plus preparedness. Honesty is very broad. Honest to myself? Honesty at the cost of hurting someone? Honesty for better future? I will learn about honesty as I go along and will close its perimeter slowly but surely.

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Day 6

I learnt that extremist attitude upto a certain limit is required to achieve the extraordinary. This learning is very raw at this stage and will become better and socially accepted as I go into senescence. The bottom line of this page might have just hinted to the above learning.

I learnt that reading is a must. So I am going to try and read one book a week.

“The world is ready to give up its secrets if we only know how to knock, how to give it the necessary blow. the strength and force of the blow come through concentration.”

Day 7

Today I learnt that how easy it is to give in to your weakness. Now I know what they mean when they say ‘Will power is a limited source’. I have in to sweets today but will try and control it for the days to come. Learnt that you need a mentor to achieve the next level of your fitness goal. Realisation, I need somebody to tell me that results will take time and you just hang in there for a little while longer.

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Today I learned | Day 1


Today I learned that writing daily is something I need to do more often.

I have tried to build up this habit for quite some time now but it never really lasts for more than 5 days. Reason being I am only answerable to myself for writing or not. I convince myself pretty good to not write and go to sleep. If I write this for an audience maybe I am responsible for somebodys day. This will get me going everyday.

This is a supplement to my main page because there are no keywords, no fancy taglines, nothing I want to rank. It is very unlikely this will end up on page 1 of google. I don’t care about that in this section.

This section is for venting and learning. I vent out what I learned through the day and hope that somebody somehwhere will benefit from it. That’s the motto, solely.

Today I learned that starting something new should come easy. Everybody deserves a chance to fail or succeed with their new ventures. I do not know how this section will end up on my website. Taking a leap of faith is all that mattets.

Take that plunge. Today I learned that Taking the plunge is sometimes all you need to do.

Go down that lane which scares you. Answer the question you are most afraid to answer. Th result of this plunge should only matter to you. If you fail it is on you and nobody has the right to blame you but you. If you succeed, it is you who is the master and nobody else has the right to take that away from you.

Independent Choices

Sometimes our choices that should only involve what we feel start considering others. By others I mean people who merely are there. Society, group of friends we never meet and many more. You need to change this. If you consider what they are going to feel or do when you make YOUR decision then I suggest you drop that idea altogether.

Today I learned that be Independent. Be so independent that you can switch to reading a book if you like than thinking about a person. You can go to the gym if you like rather than spending time with friends who matter less to you. Do this sometimes. Be that independent sometimes.

All you need is you sometimes and nobody else. Cherish that time.

Today I learned that starting this section is an Independent choice that I have made so that whenever I feel dependent of something I can come to this section and write about it. That’s what I have learned and it matters to nobody right now but me. I am happy and nobody knows about it.


How to save money as a student | Via savings and earnings


how to save money as a student via savings and earnings.

Want to know How to save money as a student?

Here you go :

how to save money as a student


  1. Put a limit to the number of times you go out for a meal. Limit it to birthday parties, relationship anniversaries, etc.
  2. Start early so that you can go to places using Uber pool rather than getting a personal taxi when you are getting late.
  3. Walk, use public transportation or ride a bike.
  4.  Live with others so you can split rent and utilities.
  5.  Shop where they offer student discounts. There are so many places that offer discounts to students with a college ID.
  6.  Workout in the campus gym in lieu of paying for a town gym. Many colleges offer memberships for free or at a reduced rate for students
  7. Make things rather  than buying new ones. Make your own coffee, tea instead of Nescafe in your campus, etc.
  8. Buy from local cheap market. They offer good clothes at nominal rates. Believe it or not this saves a lot of money.
  9. Take care of your gadgets like laptop, mobile phone. Their repair cost is hefty.
  10.  Use Youtube to your best ability. Quit the gym if it costs more than you can offer. Instead of investing in courses. look for courses online or on youtube. You can practically learn anything on the internet. Use the college internet to the best. You are in some way paying for it.
  11. Have at least no spend day in each week.
  12.  Don’t shop when you are hungry is probably one of the most common tip I found. True enough walking through the food aisle empty stomach just wants you to buy anything and everything.
  13.  Ask friends for Netflix or Prime Memberships. Not all students save. Some have money. Ask these money makers for a few favours stating your reason. I am sure they are to help you when in need.
  14. Keep track of your spending. There are plenty of apps that’ll do the job for you. Turn money keeping into a daily habit. This will help in the long run.
  15. Don’t buy unnecessary stationary supplies. Why buy cumbersome notebooks when you can type on your laptop? It’s better for the earth anyway!

how to save money as a student

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8 Healthy Lifestyle Habits | How to live a healthy Lifestyle in 2018

how to save money as a student


  1. Sell what you no longer use or need. There are plenty of stores and web sites, like Olx, where you can sell your used clothing, furniture or tech items.
  2. Buy or rent used textbooks and sell last semester’s books back. Most of the shopkeeprs buy at 40% and sell at 60%.
  3. Pay yourself. As soon as you get your monthly cash inflow. Save some of it strictly for saving and nothing else. Do not be tempt to use it at any cost.
  4. if you Face difficulty with uber or Ola service. File a complaint. Most of the time they’ll send you credits you can use for your next ride.
  5. Get cash back. New applications pay you when you invite a friend. Especially apps like Tez, BHIM, and many more.
  6. Use little app to find discount on services like salons, cafes, bowling, etc.
  7.  Give tuition to school students of 11th and 12th Standard. Do this only if you have spare time.
  8. Take part in online surveys. Here are some survey you can take part and earn.
  9. Amazon associates program is yet another way of earning money. Join this and then send the product link on you college facebook groups to get traffic. Earn from the clicks you get on your ad.
  10. Get into college marketing teams. Lot of commission comes from sponsors for festivals etc.

how to save money as a student

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10 Real reasons | why am i not losing weight


10 things that are blocking you from losing weight

“Why Am I not losing weight ?” People around me are getting fit then why not me? Am I doing something wrong? and many more. Time to pop the question bubble.

Do you find yourself asking this question very often? why am i not losing weight ? When I am

a. Doing Exercise

b. Eating right

Well these might not be the only requirements. Timing and consistency is vital to accomplish any task. Your life is about to get more meaning when you learn about the following :

1.Will power

“It’s not that some people have the willpower and some don’t. It’s that some people are ready to change and others are not.” James Gordon

Why am i not losing weight ? Real reason why you are not getting fit is you. You are blocking your way. Your path is hindered by none other than you. You you and you. Stop being malign to your own healthy body. Do you find these similar?

Eating out twice a week. Needing a sweet dish after a hearty mean. Eating more than you want and then feeling bloated. Nobody was forcing you. But you. Next time you want to go beyond limits remind yourself of one good thing that is going to happen when you look the way you want to look.

Gather up that will power. Choose a healthy word. Once you say that word there is no going back. That word is sacred to you and you only. Keep it to yourself. Play a game that you want to become a master of and then once you reach the BIG BOSS. Kill that fat and be the best you can be.

2. Planning

why am i not losing weight

You are not planned enough. The thing about planning is mostly psychological. Planning doesn’t necessarily always helps when you follow it but it has a pre-effect which is critical. Once you make the effort of jotting down your plan your brain starts to prepare. This preparation leads to confidence when you begin that task.

There is a difference when I push you into a gym and when you have thought about joining a gym and you plan to go for it from the beginning of next month.

So take a pen and paper. Plan your meals, your workout. Plan your week. Keep workout three-four times a week. Play a sport one day. Give yourself a cheat meal once a week.

This will not only keep track of things but eventually you will start to see yourself grow. Why am i not losing weight ? Real reason why you are not getting fit is you are not Planning enough.

Plan and lead the project. Be the project leader. Prepare a presentation once done. No don’t do that. Just planning will do. You are your own boss. Yeaaaaa!


3. Consistency

Consistency is the key. Mark those words or be ready to live a life of regrets. Don’t fret in the first week. That is not when you see major results. Major results come after consistency. So be consistent for at least 30 days. You are losing weight. You are gaining muscle if you are working for it. But be consistent with the plan.Real reason why you are not getting fit is you are not consistent in your approach.

Consistency is hard the first week and thereafter it starts to sit with your daily routine. That is our goal, to make it a lifestyle change and not a radical one. Consistency is the word. Find synonyms if you’d like.

4. Motivation

why am i not losing weight

Motivational video by Nike to get you moving

Highly likely you are not motivated enough. Watch transformation videos and stories. These will inspire you. Most of them have conditions to begin with that seem impossible. You would be in a better condition compared to them yet they are living the fit life and you are not.

Transforming yourself isn’t easy when you have to motivate yourself into getting up early and running by yourself. These things become easier when

a. You have a partner. Get yourself a partner to run with. Go to the gym with or do exercises with.

b. Go and enroll in a gym. Money is motivator in the reverse sense here. You wouldn’t be paid but you since you have invested the hard earned money you are likely to make good use of it. Don’t let it waste itself.

c. Watch transformation stories. I’ll link some of them here to get you started with.

Why am i not losing weight ? Real reason why you are not getting fit is you are not focused and motivated towards your end goal.

5.  Lame excuses

You probably are surrounded by evil forces called LAME EXCUSES. They come in varied sizes and forms. “It is raining outside”. “I don’t feel like it”. ” I can take three- four rest days”. “My sun sign demands me to remain inside today”.

If you have more, comment below and let me know.

You immediately know when you make these excuses that this is not right. Your body is being declined a good run or gym session. But your brain has other plans. Maybe your brain wants to play on the Laptop or watch endless youtube videos.

Do yourself a favour and go against your brain. Just count to 20 and get up and get going. You will thank yourself after that good workout session and maybe next time before stopping yourself you will be reminded of the good feeling after the work out.

Say no to these lame excuses so that you never have to ask yourself Why Am I not losing weight.

6. Inadequate Sleep

Sleep is charging. Good sleep is turbo charging. You like it when your phone charges to a good potential and only in half an hour. With humans half an hour is too short but good sleep for even a good 6-7 hours is a must. You give your muscles rest and let them replenish in their own sweet time. It will give you the results you have been dreaming of (literally).

7. Drink Plenty of Water

Maybe you are not drinking enough water. Water is the elixir of life. Water does wonders. It helps you stay fresh i.e you stink less when you are hydrated, your skin feels fresh and plus your tendancy to overeat reduces. So drink 3-4 litres of water and you are good to go daisy!

8. Peer pressure

This is my weakness. I give up under pressure. When on an outing you are likely to be met with the following statements “Just this one time”, “C’mon one time won’t make you fat”. You need to know that yes one time won’t make you fat but it is the craving you have to fight.

Fight the temptation. Your day will come but it is not today. It is when you have decided it to be. If it is once a week and you have had already eaten once then don’t go for the second because that weakens the determination of your brain. Be a little strict this one time.

9. Medical reason

why am i not losing weight

If you have been detected with thyroid or any other health problem. Immediately consult your doctor. Don’t try things on your own because they might have adverse effect on your health.

10. Mindset

You need to build a positive mindset to achieve anything. Don’t begin by thinking I am not capable of achieving a body that I see on social media. Those people obviously have personal trainers. Their jobs demand that. Since I have no such needs and motivation I’ll never be able to achieve that.

You can. You will be able to achieve a healthy and fit body. It won’t be perfect like Instagram because half of that is photoshopped. That is not our aim. Our aim is to be healthy, fit and happy from inside.

So next time you ask yourself why am i not losing weight, think of at least 5 of the above reasons and check them. If you are not doing 5 or more you know the answer. ALL THE BEST.

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How to delete Instagram account | With Pictures

How to permanently delete instagram account

How to delete Instagram account

Follow these simple steps

Important points before knowing How to delete Instagram account :

  1. Deletion of account is only on the web and cannot be done on the app.
  2. If you want to temporarily deactivate your account this is not for you.Please check this link.


Now How to delete Instagram account for good :

Step 1 : Go to Instagram Delete your account page and give a reason as to why you wish to delete your account.

You will the following options on a page as shown in the picture below.How to delete instagram account

Select ‘something else’ if nothing else fits.

How to delete instagram account









Important caution :

Before permanently deleting read this


When you press the Permanently delete my account button below, your photos, comments, likes, friendships and all other data will be removed permanently and will not be recoverable. If you decide to create another Instagram account in the future, you cannot sign up with the same username again.


Step 2 : Enter your password and click on Permanently delete my account

How to permanently delete instagram account








Now you have permanently deleted your account and cannot sign in with the same username and password.

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How to motivate yourself 101 | I will write what I know Best


How to motivate yourself in your fitness journey.
When all falls down and you begin to think that this situation is beyond repair is the time when you need to think otherwise.

How to motivate yourself

How to motivate yourself 101 | I will write what I know Best
How to motivate yourself 101

Stage 1

You know you started out pretty motivated. Possibly was told “this is just the beginning enthusiasm that is going to gradually fade into nothing”. You promised yourself at that time to prove this wrong.
Here you are now:

  • Demotivated and succumbing to the accusation that is turning out to be true like every other time.
  • By now you know that it is your fault. Circumstances, people and inanimate objects have nothing to do with your lack of will power.

You now don’t want to pursue what once was a dream. Perfectly possible. Infact you hand lay the plan step by step. Day dreaming about the destination was once a favourite pass time.


This stage is just after you have given up but not too much into giving up. You are scared to start again. What’s the point?  When nothing is going to be different from last time . And the previous time from the last time and the previous previous time to the last previous time.
Now that you had given up there is scope for a new project.

  • Do not flinch. Do not try to stop yourself because what will others think. Others will think and so they shall. You got to do what you got to do.
  • Failure might knock you once more but this change will lessen its probability.

Look inside and catch that last yellow bulb from a Chinese light to not fuse. That’s a bogus analogy but you get the gist.
You still have it in you as determined the last times you tried but maybe you need a different path. More than ‘NEVER EVER GIVE UP’ I stand by ‘Fall back, give up and start again‘. That giving up part is your lowest. That low will go higher as the number of trials will increase. Your low then one day will become someones high. That’s how low your give up should be.How to motivate yourself 101 | I will write what I know Best

  1. How to motivate yourself 101 is just another article reminding of what you already know. Nudge is needed though.

Stage 3

This is the stage where you have decided to give it another try.With a different approach this time. An approach to do better than last time. Sounds simple but is not easy.

  • DO at least one thing different from last time.
  • If you never times your runs then time them now. If you always stopped at 10 reps go for 2 extra every time.
  • If you binge eat and then have thoughts of giving up then go back to the top and start reading this article again.

Prepare yourself for a big change. A positive one this time.Make your body accustomed to changes that it is going to adore. Make the body want to keep that change.
Prepare and plan like you always do. Honestly there is no magical potion or words or  blog. It is all within you. Keep doing it to the point where you can’t turn back or where you don’t want to turn back.
             2.How to motivate yourself 101 is just another article telling you to dig deep. Your solutions are within you.


Live your motivated self. Feel it normal. Talk about it to friends. But only very close friends. Not everybody likes to hear how happy you are and how motivated you have been. ENJOY WHILE IT IS THERE.Reap the best while it is there. Once gone, read this article again.

How to motivate yourself 101 | I will write what I know Best



  • Before the enjoyment you need to work hard. The harder you work for something the better you get at it. Once you become good at something it is tough to fall out of it. In short, you are less likely to be needing motivation for something that you love. Something you are dedicated towards. Passion drives you to success you could never even imagine
  • Fitness needs to be learnt, loved and enjoyed simultaneously. Love it and you will never want to discontinue it. If a time still arises where you have run out of fuel. Come back to this article and start it all over again.

3.How to motivate yourself 101 is just another article asking you to start now. To never stop.  Rigorous effort is a constant devotion to the art you love so much.
Hope this has been of some help. Even if it changes a wire in one brain. Love what you do. To help you kickstart your journey, here is a link to latest cool gadgets for women specially. For that style while you make those heavy sets happen.


8 Healthy Lifestyle Habits | How to live a healthy Lifestyle in 2018

Healthy Lifestyle Habits | How to live a healthy Lifestyle

8 Healthy Lifestyle Habits – You have chosen Healthy Lifestyle Habits.Half of the work is done.Be prepared to enrich yourself with a Healthy diet, cardio and aerobic Exercises and some gym (if possible).Inculcating some other healthy habits apart from these will certainly lead to the best suited lifestyle for you.

This article contains the best of all healthy lifestyle habits on the internet.One stop shop for all.

8 Healthy Lifestyle Habits | How to live a healthy Lifestyle in 2018

Here is the list of Healthy Lifestyle Habits that you need to add in your current routine:

  1. Healthy Diet

Healthy Lifestyle Habits | How to live a healthy Lifestyle

Key to a healthy lifestyle starts from a healthy habit of maintaining your food habits.Yes, maintaining is the word I’ll use because initially it requires a lot of work but once you get the hang of it , it is a cake walk from there on, yes you may have to walk on some cakes in order for you to not eat them. Ha haa!

Following are the tips to initiate that healthy habit journey :

  1. Breakfast must include a good portion of protein and complex carbohydrates to get you going on with your day.
  2. Lunch should include good amounts of fibre and carbs to fill you up good so that you don’t feel extremely hungry for the later part of the day.
  3. Dinner is the game changer.A good portion of protein, you may cut down on some carbs here.The healthy lifestyle habit change here is to have dinner between 7pm and 8pm.If you are able to achieve that then Voila! You’ll see results in no time.

5 tips for students to start their fitness journey


       2.     Aerobic Exercise and Gym

Healthy Lifestyle Habits | How to live a healthy LifestyleGet into resistance and aerobic exercises on a daily basis.Something everyday will increase your VO2 max, aerobic exercise will cut down on that fat and resistance training will help build muscle. Muscle is important. Muscles work more than fat thus cutting down that excess fat even when you are not performing any aerobic exercises.

  • Get into the habit of finishing your gym or home exercises in the morning.
  • Do exercises that you love. Don’t like running then switch to swimming.Yoga for the body is more than sufficient to get that blood flowing
  • Need motivation.Join a gym or buy a fitness tracker. Investing in your health will get you up and going.

If you are looking for smart fitness trackers click here

       3. Sleep Enough and better

Healthy Lifestyle Habits | How to live a healthy LifestyleSleeping calms everything down.It replenishes everything important in your body while you rest.How cool is that? Getting a good sleep ensures that you have had a good rest and now it’s time to go go go! For a good sleeping habit try to follow these tips:

  1. Sleep between 10pm-11pm. Switch off all your gadgets half an hour before and relax your mind.Read a book (a boring one) so that you doze off peacefully.
  2. If you have always been a night owl then trying early is ROCKET SCIENCE.Try this formula TAKE A DEEP BREATH FOR 7 SECONDS,HOLD IT FOR 4 SECONDS AND THEN RELEASE IT FOR 8 SECONDS. Works for me.
  3. Building a Healthy Lifestyle Habits of good sleep will improve your thinking ability and you’ll make decisions with a clearer head.


         4. Give up the bad habits

Healthy Lifestyle Habits | How to live a healthy Lifestyle

One this that comes attached with adopting healthy lifestyle habits is getting rid of the bad ones.Easier said than done you say? These tips will help make this process become even simpler.All you have to do is follow and not look back.

  1. Stop snacking on Junk.Snack on dry fruits.Dry fruits have good fat.Snack on fruits.But on somedays you’ll want to snack on that packet of chips.For that go to the 2nd point.
  2. Make scheduled cheat meals.No joke.Start with eating three bad meals out of a minimum of 21 meals of the week.Wait for that meal and then dig in but not much.Just enough to fulfill your desire.
  3. Take smaller portions.Chew more,swallow less.Eat smaller meals but more meals.
  4. Don’t argue with yourself.Whether I want to go for that run or not? GO FOR THAT RUN NOW!

8 Healthy Lifestyle Habits | How to live a healthy Lifestyle in 2018

5.Say NO to these things

Healthy Lifestyle Habits | How to live a healthy Lifestyle

Don’t even think about fighting on this one.

  • No  processed sugar
  • Check for  trans fat
  • Avoid  preservatives
  • Less  deep fried food

Even in your cheat meals try to lessen the amount of these certain elements.There a complete no no until you get things under control.



Healthy Lifestyle Habits | How to live a healthy LifestyleA good habit is a loyal friend.A family member of sorts. This habit will stick with you through everything.You better get on with these habits while you are still young and accept changes.Once you pass the good age habits cement forever. Whether you work 9 hours a day or have multiple shifts,take time out for the following :

  1. Read a book.Any book.Start with 10 pages daily.Increase that figure weekly.If you have a lot of free time,challenge yourself to read a book weekly.Keep it simple but consistent.That’s the rule
  2. Meditate.Wake up in the morning and meditate for 5 minutes.Start with this.Keep it simple but consistent.
  3. Start writing what you learn from everyday things.This helped me a lot.

Best student fitness tips.


8 Healthy Lifestyle Habits | How to live a healthy Lifestyle in 2018

   7. Be honest with yourself

Stay true to yourself.Even if you are unable to follow a good healthy lifestyle right on or in your allocated time frame.Be honest and let yourself know.Don’t convince yourself into believing something that is not happening.

If you ate junk tell yourself that you ate junk and shouldn’t have.You should have waited for the cheat meal time.Promise yourself to not repeat this.That’s it.Don’t be hard on yourself ever.

      8. Never lose hope

Everything can be corrected.You will binge sometimes.Be true and promise to not do this.Get on track as soon as possible.But promise to not give up.Be better for yourself.Nobody is concerned about you as much as you are about yourself.Take care.Take rest days.Unwind.Go on holidays.Be back on as soon as you realise and you’ll be just fine.Life is not a burden.

Take one day at a time.Take it gradual.

These are the Healthy Lifestyle Habits that you should follow.

There you have it.Your new guide to a  Healthy Lifestyle Habits. Packed into one article.To summarise, you got know about a healthy diet, a healthy habit, gym and aerobic exercise, leaving the bad habits, saying no and most importantly building good habits of reading, writing or just relaxing.

8 Healthy Lifestyle Habits | How to live a healthy Lifestyle in 2018


5 Best Fitness trackers for Women | Fitness trackers 2018

smart watch

5 Best Fitness trackers for Women 

Looking for a good fitness trackers to analyse your workout and get more out of it but most of them look like boy toys, something geeks would wear and don’t really suit your style then these are some of the choices that will interest you as a girl who loves her fitness as much as the counterpart does.

Beware this is not a affordable wearable device section but surely there are EMI options that will fulfil the desire to own a premium device while still keeping that salary/pocket money intact.

1. Fitbit Versa


merging fashion with fitness ten activity trackers for women - Merging fashion with fitness, ten activity trackers for women

Hands down one of my favourite in this list.This has got the looks and the specs to stand out from afar.Comes with varying colour choices and band choices. The fitbit versa is better suited for women than the fitbit ionic whose broad dial is a bit of a let down.This stylish device has been confirmed by fitbit to be their lightest device which feels super premium on the wrist.

  • Pros

  1. 4+ days battery life
  2. Female health
  3. Music on the go
  • Cons

  1.  Connected GPS – This simply means you will have to carry your phone if you want to track the exact location of your whereabouts.Otherwise without the phone it will measure the distance just as good as any other fitbit device.
Their Silver Aluminium is an instant hit with women.Plus there are leather,metal and classic bands available on the fitbit website.On top of that there are some amazing third party bands also available on Amazon for a good and reasonable rate.

2.  Apple Watch Series 3

Image result for apple watch
Apple has become the definition of premium products. There is actually nothing better than this. But everything good thing comes at a whooping price. Here you might have to shell out a few thousands more than the others but boy oh boy is it worth it!
The watch leaves the user starry eyed every time it is put on. The onlookers can’t seem to stop desiring your look. It comes loaded with all the features that apple OS has to offer and does a phenomenal job at tracking your activities.
  • Pros

  1. Sleek and best in class design
  2. All Apple features
  • Cons

  1. Does not work with android devices
  2. Battery life
merging fashion with fitness ten activity trackers for women 4 - Merging fashion with fitness, ten activity trackers for women
Sleekest in the list is the Fitbit Alta HR. This sleek device has all the features of its big brother fitbit Charge 2. In my opinion again looks a bit broad and squarish. This one however is a smooth and robust device that looks stylish on your wrist.
  • Pros

  1. One of the slimmest device with Heart rate monitor
  2. Long battery life
  3. Interchangeable accessories
  • Cons

  1. Screen slightly unresponsive and hard to see in bright sunlight
  2. Lacks stair climbing or relax mode as found in Charge 2
Overall it is a good device if you can shell out that kind of money and get yourself a good looking smart wear which looks after your fitness.

4.Nokia Steel HR

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This is more of the less popular but good ones. Nokia comes out with this sleek,stylish Analog style watch that is high fashion. A simple mix of classic design and new fitness features packed in a unit. This watch is pricey but then it looks like that price. It is swim proof, silicon bands to keep that sweat from ruining the elegant look that it offers.

  • Pros

  1. Classic analog style look
  2. One of the most accurate HR monitor
  3. Sturdy yet trendy
  • Cons

  1. Pricey
  2. Lacks good battery life

5.Misfit Ray

Image result for misfit ray
The misfit ray is more of a bracelet. There is less interaction of the user with the device due to lack of a touch screen. Its design and quirky tube looks something out of a tech movie. It comes in a rose gold version looking nothing less than a top end device.
  • Pros

  1. Very stylish
  2. Accurate HR monitor
  • Cons

  1. Sync Issues have been reported
  2. Battery life issues
It is about time women in India take their fitness seriously without sacrificing their sense of style. These devices may cost a little more than some of the cheaper versions in the market but their top-notch quality,style and premium touch is what makes them so desirable to the young and trendy female.