I just joined the National University of Singapore (NUS). This is a series about my thoughts before coming, my initial experience and then my daily routine at World’s 11th ranked University.

Initial thoughts before coming

Since childhood, I have heard about Oxford, Yale, Duke, and Harvard of course but I only came to know about NUS when I was in college. It cannot be said that it has always been my dream to come to NUS but I know if I knew about it It would certainly have been my dream to come to Singapore and experience the best at NUS. Now that I am here I know it is worth all the hype. Cleanliness, arcitecheture, effeciency of transport, the intermingling of cultures, studies, food, there is hardly anything one can point and say That is not right or I would want it some other way.

How Did I get in

I emailed Professor Ong Lee who then forwarded my mail to Professor Hu. From that email from Prof. Hu everything sort of changed around me. This process of emailing was about a month. Researching all the universitites and finding professors with common research topics. I made an excel sheet with my friend who listed all the possible universitires with their QS (QS ranking is a worldwide ranking of University and is considered most reliable) ranking and then we both set to work.

In terms of social circle, the news spread fast that I would be one of the few going for foreign internship and that too in Singapore. Only a few go to Singapore from our college so it became a big deal in my close-knit group. My relatives congratulated me, which happens seldom. This new confidence in me had my parents feel proud of me. Happy times had started.

What Next

The preparations began with documents first. One thing to always keep in mind while planning to go to a new city and wanting to tell everyone about it is that you yourself are sure that you are going to make it. This is in context with the USA. Many people who get professors from the US speak too soon about it and then eventually the VISA gets stuck. This situation is both disappointing to you and embarrassing when your friends make fun of you (in a healthy way of course).

I got a checklist made, emailed the authorities even when I had a slight doubt about anything, made a folder to keep check of all the documents and applied for every form way before the deadline. This gave me confidence and time to change things or reapply if something happens.

Luckily I got everything in time even though it was around Christmas and New year holidays thanks to one of my fellow classmate who is accompanying to me to the University.

As the date came closer, the excitement didn’t kick in. This was surprising. Maybe it was because that my previous week had been completely mundane watching Ted Bundy tapes. It was more anxiety. Packing, shopping, am I forgetting something, so I have all my important documents. The tension was piling up and eventually, the date came. 29th Jan. We had to board our flight. This flight journey is a full article in itself. Next to come.

This article here will help you to know more about how the System works at NUS.


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