How to start blogging

Have you seen bloggers building their own website, creating content, getting responses from people that love them. Making money through blogging has become second nature to the internet after Youtube. Even though blogging entered the market first. Youtube has been gaining a lot of attention. You need to start blogging or at least think about it.

But let’s be straight here and digest that fact that starting a youtube channel is not for everybody. It is either you are great in front of cameras or you have a talent that the world is waiting to see. Those are hard to find and you a simple person like me just needs a safe place in the internet.

Blogging is just the right stepping stone from you. It does not matter where you go from here. It is ok if you stay here for the longest time. You stay here only is fine by me. I will make this simpler for you by telling you exactly how you start. Just Start. 

Before I begin let me tell you what this blog is not about. It is not about the fact that you already have a blog and are looking for ways to promote it or where you went wrong when you started.

This is not about changing your niches because yours isn’t working. This blog is strictly about people who have had a just a teeny tiny thought of blogging and this in fact the first page they are reading.

Hello there!

Start thinking about Blogging :

1.You are doing the right thing

How to start blogging

This is a great step. Start Blogging : Blogging is a good thought. You want to write and here I present to you the best platform for it. It is a respectable and brave thing to do. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. It requires courage and a whole lot of confidence to put your thoughts out there. You might have heard this multiple times already. I know. 

Telling you this is so important that I don’t mind writing it once more even though I know you know. Most of the time people do want to start blogging but they shy away, their friends talk them out of it. They think it is a noob thing to do. People who have no other work do this. Untrue.

If you want to share your knowledge about anything. You have been working on it for so long that you now know the initial problems, steps to take and everything then it is a noble thought to spread it. AND that is what blogging is. It is in fact only for people who work. Through blogging what they are essentially doing is sharing their work. So that myth about workless people is going to the trash bin

2.  Write anything

How to start blogging

Anything at all. This is like the 9th grade friends party which you ruin by thinking about it too much and dreaming loads of it and then your parents don’t allow for it. Don’t think about it too much just get to it. Write whatever is on your mind. Just Start Blogging.

Think about the thing that you are best at. Or just write about something you learned. Internet maybe a scary place when it comes to making your own mark but the positive about it is that it accepts all the information. You never know what you might be thinking is useless information maybe helpful to a person living miles away from you.

Important thing here is to start and not worry. Atleast for the first few articles. You get ahead of thousands of people when you write your first article. Most of them don’t start it. Way to go blogger!

How to Start Blogging the right way | Step Zero

3. Don’t be Afraid of the results

How to start blogging

Results must be the lease of your worries at this baby stage. They will start to matter when you are deep in your blogging journey and still haven’t heard any positives from anybody. At that time you might want to start thinking result oriented. 

At the beginning be Consistency orientated. Your prime focus is to keep up and keep writing and not give up. The one who masters consistency is already ahead of everybody. Not that this is a competition but is necessary for you to make your mark.

4. Be informative

How to start blogging

People love a good information filled article so that they do not have to go anywhere else. Fill your content with useful and most required information. This would come naturally if you have had hands on experience with the knowledge that you are sharing.

Don’t try to fool people by writing rubbish. People are smart and they will take no time in discarding you off the internet if you are using their interest to give them useless information.

Take time on your articles. Better them and publish only when you know you would want to read it. If you are not sure of it, other people will feel the same way about it. 

Start Blogging : Here is an example of a good and informative blog

5. Consistency

How to start blogging

Be thorough and consistent. Continue doing the thing. Intially you will have what 4-5 visitors but that’s okay and normal. Consistency is the mother tool for the whole of internet success.

Here I am linking a few articles about starting your blog that I read when I first started my blog. These people are professionals and have passed through the stage that we are struggling from. 

To Start blogging look at these for example :

Try to learn from them and do not copy. One thing that the internet hates are copy cats. Be original and natural. Let it flow. If it has to be it will be.

Good luck. Let me know how is the blogging going on.

How to Start Blogging | Step Zero


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