How to motivate yourself in your fitness journey.
When all falls down and you begin to think that this situation is beyond repair is the time when you need to think otherwise.

How to motivate yourself

How to motivate yourself 101 | I will write what I know Best
How to motivate yourself 101

Stage 1

You know you started out pretty motivated. Possibly was told “this is just the beginning enthusiasm that is going to gradually fade into nothing”. You promised yourself at that time to prove this wrong.
Here you are now:

  • Demotivated and succumbing to the accusation that is turning out to be true like every other time.
  • By now you know that it is your fault. Circumstances, people and inanimate objects have nothing to do with your lack of will power.

You now don’t want to pursue what once was a dream. Perfectly possible. Infact you hand lay the plan step by step. Day dreaming about the destination was once a favourite pass time.


This stage is just after you have given up but not too much into giving up. You are scared to start again. What’s the point?  When nothing is going to be different from last time . And the previous time from the last time and the previous previous time to the last previous time.
Now that you had given up there is scope for a new project.

  • Do not flinch. Do not try to stop yourself because what will others think. Others will think and so they shall. You got to do what you got to do.
  • Failure might knock you once more but this change will lessen its probability.

Look inside and catch that last yellow bulb from a Chinese light to not fuse. That’s a bogus analogy but you get the gist.
You still have it in you as determined the last times you tried but maybe you need a different path. More than ‘NEVER EVER GIVE UP’ I stand by ‘Fall back, give up and start again‘. That giving up part is your lowest. That low will go higher as the number of trials will increase. Your low then one day will become someones high. That’s how low your give up should be.How to motivate yourself 101 | I will write what I know Best

  1. How to motivate yourself 101 is just another article reminding of what you already know. Nudge is needed though.

Stage 3

This is the stage where you have decided to give it another try.With a different approach this time. An approach to do better than last time. Sounds simple but is not easy.

  • DO at least one thing different from last time.
  • If you never times your runs then time them now. If you always stopped at 10 reps go for 2 extra every time.
  • If you binge eat and then have thoughts of giving up then go back to the top and start reading this article again.

Prepare yourself for a big change. A positive one this time.Make your body accustomed to changes that it is going to adore. Make the body want to keep that change.
Prepare and plan like you always do. Honestly there is no magical potion or words or  blog. It is all within you. Keep doing it to the point where you can’t turn back or where you don’t want to turn back.
             2.How to motivate yourself 101 is just another article telling you to dig deep. Your solutions are within you.


Live your motivated self. Feel it normal. Talk about it to friends. But only very close friends. Not everybody likes to hear how happy you are and how motivated you have been. ENJOY WHILE IT IS THERE.Reap the best while it is there. Once gone, read this article again.

How to motivate yourself 101 | I will write what I know Best



  • Before the enjoyment you need to work hard. The harder you work for something the better you get at it. Once you become good at something it is tough to fall out of it. In short, you are less likely to be needing motivation for something that you love. Something you are dedicated towards. Passion drives you to success you could never even imagine
  • Fitness needs to be learnt, loved and enjoyed simultaneously. Love it and you will never want to discontinue it. If a time still arises where you have run out of fuel. Come back to this article and start it all over again.

3.How to motivate yourself 101 is just another article asking you to start now. To never stop.  Rigorous effort is a constant devotion to the art you love so much.
Hope this has been of some help. Even if it changes a wire in one brain. Love what you do. To help you kickstart your journey, here is a link to latest cool gadgets for women specially. For that style while you make those heavy sets happen.


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