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8 Healthy Lifestyle Habits | How to live a healthy Lifestyle in 2018

8 Healthy Lifestyle Habits – You have chosen Healthy Lifestyle Habits.Half of the work is done.Be prepared to enrich yourself with a Healthy diet, cardio and aerobic Exercises and some gym (if possible).Inculcating some other healthy habits apart from these will certainly lead to the best suited lifestyle for you.

This article contains the best of all healthy lifestyle habits on the internet.One stop shop for all.

8 Healthy Lifestyle Habits | How to live a healthy Lifestyle in 2018

Here is the list of Healthy Lifestyle Habits that you need to add in your current routine:

  1. Healthy Diet

Healthy Lifestyle Habits | How to live a healthy Lifestyle

Key to a healthy lifestyle starts from a healthy habit of maintaining your food habits.Yes, maintaining is the word I’ll use because initially it requires a lot of work but once you get the hang of it , it is a cake walk from there on, yes you may have to walk on some cakes in order for you to not eat them. Ha haa!

Following are the tips to initiate that healthy habit journey :

  1. Breakfast must include a good portion of protein and complex carbohydrates to get you going on with your day.
  2. Lunch should include good amounts of fibre and carbs to fill you up good so that you don’t feel extremely hungry for the later part of the day.
  3. Dinner is the game changer.A good portion of protein, you may cut down on some carbs here.The healthy lifestyle habit change here is to have dinner between 7pm and 8pm.If you are able to achieve that then Voila! You’ll see results in no time.

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       2.     Aerobic Exercise and Gym

Healthy Lifestyle Habits | How to live a healthy LifestyleGet into resistance and aerobic exercises on a daily basis.Something everyday will increase your VO2 max, aerobic exercise will cut down on that fat and resistance training will help build muscle. Muscle is important. Muscles work more than fat thus cutting down that excess fat even when you are not performing any aerobic exercises.

  • Get into the habit of finishing your gym or home exercises in the morning.
  • Do exercises that you love. Don’t like running then switch to swimming.Yoga for the body is more than sufficient to get that blood flowing
  • Need motivation.Join a gym or buy a fitness tracker. Investing in your health will get you up and going.

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       3. Sleep Enough and better

Healthy Lifestyle Habits | How to live a healthy LifestyleSleeping calms everything down.It replenishes everything important in your body while you rest.How cool is that? Getting a good sleep ensures that you have had a good rest and now it’s time to go go go! For a good sleeping habit try to follow these tips:

  1. Sleep between 10pm-11pm. Switch off all your gadgets half an hour before and relax your mind.Read a book (a boring one) so that you doze off peacefully.
  2. If you have always been a night owl then trying early is ROCKET SCIENCE.Try this formula TAKE A DEEP BREATH FOR 7 SECONDS,HOLD IT FOR 4 SECONDS AND THEN RELEASE IT FOR 8 SECONDS. Works for me.
  3. Building a Healthy Lifestyle Habits of good sleep will improve your thinking ability and you’ll make decisions with a clearer head.


         4. Give up the bad habits

Healthy Lifestyle Habits | How to live a healthy Lifestyle

One this that comes attached with adopting healthy lifestyle habits is getting rid of the bad ones.Easier said than done you say? These tips will help make this process become even simpler.All you have to do is follow and not look back.

  1. Stop snacking on Junk.Snack on dry fruits.Dry fruits have good fat.Snack on fruits.But on somedays you’ll want to snack on that packet of chips.For that go to the 2nd point.
  2. Make scheduled cheat meals.No joke.Start with eating three bad meals out of a minimum of 21 meals of the week.Wait for that meal and then dig in but not much.Just enough to fulfill your desire.
  3. Take smaller portions.Chew more,swallow less.Eat smaller meals but more meals.
  4. Don’t argue with yourself.Whether I want to go for that run or not? GO FOR THAT RUN NOW!

8 Healthy Lifestyle Habits | How to live a healthy Lifestyle in 2018



5.Say NO to these things

Healthy Lifestyle Habits | How to live a healthy Lifestyle

Don’t even think about fighting on this one.

  • No  processed sugar
  • Check for  trans fat
  • Avoid  preservatives
  • Less  deep fried food

Even in your cheat meals try to lessen the amount of these certain elements.There a complete no no until you get things under control.



Healthy Lifestyle Habits | How to live a healthy LifestyleA good habit is a loyal friend.A family member of sorts. This habit will stick with you through everything.You better get on with these habits while you are still young and accept changes.Once you pass the good age habits cement forever. Whether you work 9 hours a day or have multiple shifts,take time out for the following :

  1. Read a book.Any book.Start with 10 pages daily.Increase that figure weekly.If you have a lot of free time,challenge yourself to read a book weekly.Keep it simple but consistent.That’s the rule
  2. Meditate.Wake up in the morning and meditate for 5 minutes.Start with this.Keep it simple but consistent.
  3. Start writing what you learn from everyday things.This helped me a lot.

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8 Healthy Lifestyle Habits | How to live a healthy Lifestyle in 2018





   7. Be honest with yourself

Stay true to yourself.Even if you are unable to follow a good healthy lifestyle right on or in your allocated time frame.Be honest and let yourself know.Don’t convince yourself into believing something that is not happening.

If you ate junk tell yourself that you ate junk and shouldn’t have.You should have waited for the cheat meal time.Promise yourself to not repeat this.That’s it.Don’t be hard on yourself ever.


      8. Never lose hope

Everything can be corrected.You will binge sometimes.Be true and promise to not do this.Get on track as soon as possible.But promise to not give up.Be better for yourself.Nobody is concerned about you as much as you are about yourself.Take care.Take rest days.Unwind.Go on holidays.Be back on as soon as you realise and you’ll be just fine.Life is not a burden.

Take one day at a time.Take it gradual.

These are the Healthy Lifestyle Habits that you should follow.

There you have it.Your new guide to a  Healthy Lifestyle Habits. Packed into one article.To summarise, you got know about a healthy diet, a healthy habit, gym and aerobic exercise, leaving the bad habits, saying no and most importantly building good habits of reading, writing or just relaxing.

8 Healthy Lifestyle Habits | How to live a healthy Lifestyle in 2018

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