5 Best Fitness trackers for Women 

Looking for a good fitness trackers to analyse your workout and get more out of it but most of them look like boy toys, something geeks would wear and don’t really suit your style then these are some of the choices that will interest you as a girl who loves her fitness as much as the counterpart does.

Beware this is not a affordable wearable device section but surely there are EMI options that will fulfil the desire to own a premium device while still keeping that salary/pocket money intact.

1. Fitbit Versa


merging fashion with fitness ten activity trackers for women - Merging fashion with fitness, ten activity trackers for women

Hands down one of my favourite in this list.This has got the looks and the specs to stand out from afar.Comes with varying colour choices and band choices. The fitbit versa is better suited for women than the fitbit ionic whose broad dial is a bit of a let down.This stylish device has been confirmed by fitbit to be their lightest device which feels super premium on the wrist.

  • Pros

  1. 4+ days battery life
  2. Female health
  3. Music on the go
  • Cons

  1.  Connected GPS – This simply means you will have to carry your phone if you want to track the exact location of your whereabouts.Otherwise without the phone it will measure the distance just as good as any other fitbit device.
Their Silver Aluminium is an instant hit with women.Plus there are leather,metal and classic bands available on the fitbit website.On top of that there are some amazing third party bands also available on Amazon for a good and reasonable rate.

2.  Apple Watch Series 3

Image result for apple watch
Apple has become the definition of premium products. There is actually nothing better than this. But everything good thing comes at a whooping price. Here you might have to shell out a few thousands more than the others but boy oh boy is it worth it!
The watch leaves the user starry eyed every time it is put on. The onlookers can’t seem to stop desiring your look. It comes loaded with all the features that apple OS has to offer and does a phenomenal job at tracking your activities.
  • Pros

  1. Sleek and best in class design
  2. All Apple features
  • Cons

  1. Does not work with android devices
  2. Battery life
merging fashion with fitness ten activity trackers for women 4 - Merging fashion with fitness, ten activity trackers for women
Sleekest in the list is the Fitbit Alta HR. This sleek device has all the features of its big brother fitbit Charge 2. In my opinion again looks a bit broad and squarish. This one however is a smooth and robust device that looks stylish on your wrist.
  • Pros

  1. One of the slimmest device with Heart rate monitor
  2. Long battery life
  3. Interchangeable accessories
  • Cons

  1. Screen slightly unresponsive and hard to see in bright sunlight
  2. Lacks stair climbing or relax mode as found in Charge 2
Overall it is a good device if you can shell out that kind of money and get yourself a good looking smart wear which looks after your fitness.

4.Nokia Steel HR

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This is more of the less popular but good ones. Nokia comes out with this sleek,stylish Analog style watch that is high fashion. A simple mix of classic design and new fitness features packed in a unit. This watch is pricey but then it looks like that price. It is swim proof, silicon bands to keep that sweat from ruining the elegant look that it offers.

  • Pros

  1. Classic analog style look
  2. One of the most accurate HR monitor
  3. Sturdy yet trendy
  • Cons

  1. Pricey
  2. Lacks good battery life

5.Misfit Ray

Image result for misfit ray
The misfit ray is more of a bracelet. There is less interaction of the user with the device due to lack of a touch screen. Its design and quirky tube looks something out of a tech movie. It comes in a rose gold version looking nothing less than a top end device.
  • Pros

  1. Very stylish
  2. Accurate HR monitor
  • Cons

  1. Sync Issues have been reported
  2. Battery life issues
It is about time women in India take their fitness seriously without sacrificing their sense of style. These devices may cost a little more than some of the cheaper versions in the market but their top-notch quality,style and premium touch is what makes them so desirable to the young and trendy female.

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