All you need to know about the Fitbit Versa | One week Review

This is a comprehensive review of the Fitness smart watch Versa Released on 13th May in India at a price of 19,999 Rupees.

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2. Hands on Fitness Experience


4. Water Performance

5. Sleep Tracking

6. Women Health

7. Music

8. Miscellaneous

  1. Aesthetics

The watch looks classy on any hand. It is a unisex watch and looks great on both the sexes. A very soothing design that does not shout BIG ELECTRONIC GADGET ON MY WRIST. Most importantly the quality of the material gives it a premium feel and look. Nowhere near to cheap plastic that just feels wrong any day. Definitely a go to if you want a smart watch with them looks.

  • Very chic with formals.
  • Works like a sports watch but certainly doesn’t feel like one.

2. Hands on Fitness Experience

I wore it 24×7. Did not even take it off once. With Complete use with notification the battery ran for 3 full days and on the 4th day there was still 17% of it left when I put it up for charging because I am frenzy like that. It sits on your wrist very comfortably. Never too bulky or in the way of your normal chores. It becomes a part of you.

Full use

I tried using every mode available. Be it Running, Workout, Swimming, treadmill and more. Used the relax app. Tried using Uber. Deezer, unfortunately does not work in my country which is a bummer. All in all it is a good watch but mine had a problem where it just showed my heart rate to be too damn high. Fitbit really needs to send an update to fix this issue. This is not exclusive to me but I found forums related to this. FITBIT.

Gym sessions

Daily Gym sessions. Weight training. The heart rate seems pretty okay though I was told by my trainer that it might be showing too much. After checking on the internet my Max came out to be 199 and the fitbit showed 192 sometimes which seemed a little on the higher side. This is something I did not expect to be extremely accurate it is reasonably good.


– Works fine when showering. Just the touch becomes a little hard.

Accurate Heart rate

– Seems just fine. Not too accurate but just fine. If you are into sports and tracking everybit. I advice going against buying it. Not for professionals. It is for people who go to the gym, sometimes go for a run and minor activites. Nothing major like Mountain climbing, daily hikes or anything like that.


– Shows the calories burned while working out and congrats you when you reach your goal calories for the day. Pretty sweet.

With the session it shows the Time of workout and side by side clock which I find is very convenient as I am almost always in a rush. Need to keep track of that time.

3. Charging

I was a little worried when the description didn’t say fast charging. With all the smartphones having quick charge you get used to it. For a smart watch it charges pretty quickly. This is a deal breaker for some, charging is primary.

4. Water

Touch becomes a bit hard in water otherwise Same glare. BUt for that we can use buttons so that is acceptable for a screen that small and its just a watch after all and no 90k smartphone.

5. Music

Connection and all to the bluetooth is cool but sometimes disconnects. Like for a good 2-3 times it didn’t vibrate when the phone rang. Reasons could be I exited the App on the phone. Exiting the app for me is normal as I sometimes I just Clear all the apps. SO that was a bummer for me.

Putting songs on the watch is a bit of a hassle I so wish there was Spotify.

6. Sleep tracking

Probably one of my favourite features in the Versa. I just personally love knowing how much and how well I have slept. I constantly compare my sleep with the average sleep and what should I do to improve it.

7. Women health

It keeps track of your periods. Gives you tips on pre periods acne etc. Handy and useful if you are like me. I have never remembered the date and almost always get that awful surprise. Thanks Fitbit you have made my life easier more than one way.

8. Music

Well I tried putting songs in this. To be honest it isn’t easy. Not at all. Not when you do work mostly on your phone. I miss Spotify. Fitbit are you listening.


9. Miscellaneous

The worst part is when it counts my steps when I am on a bus ride. 30k Steps seriously Fitbit? I am not trail walker. It is too bad. It counts steps when I am in a car etc. So irritating. It throws off my analysis so unbalanced.



Fitbit needs to update the software and fix minor issues like hiked heart rate. Otherwise it is an excellent watch. Wear to the gym, casually to the class, to parties, pool parties, showers and anywhere and everywhere. You’ll love it. No other watch shall look so dapper and efficient in your eyes ever.

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