Learn everyday.

“Next Best Space” is about finding your steps to create a space that is your best place in life.Thus your NEXT situation is going to create your BEST SPACE. That is NextBestSpace for you in the most concise way possible.

I am an individual who aims at creating a community of young individuals who aim to live a healthier and fit life. I am from an engineering background and have always looked logics behind everything, If i fail to find it I wish to change it. I want these willing individuals to do the right and leave the lazy.

Why this blog?

I tried finding a strong female face for fitness on the the internet in my country but to my dismay found only a few. I want to learn more about health and nutrition for my lifestyle in India and only found a few blogs.Therefore I am at contributing to this small community and give it a global standing.

My contributions will be in the form of Fitness Blogs, How to blogs where I will give inputs on making your planners and scheduling yourself. Further I would also like to expand to specific sports activities and travel blogs in the future. Since I am a National level swimmer there will be special section dedicated to swimming workouts soon.

My intent is clear. Make anyone who reads my blog to join hands with me and get motivated to do what they want to do. Fitness boosts confidence.Once you feel confident in yourself there is no stopping you from pursuing what you have been wishing for.

Do what you like and become fabulous at it.

Contact me if you want some motivation and I’ll give you that from my own experiences.