Why did you start blogging?

How to start blogging

Have you been trying to blog for a while? So have I. Turns out at you to think you start because you love sharing your thoughts and knowledge with people but at some point, it becomes about the traffic you are gathering. It becomes commercial. Makes you feel guilty and a cheat to yourself. I believe you should not feel guilty. It is completely natural to feel that way. Let me revise for you all the reasons why you started blogging. Revisit the zeal you had when you first decided to take this step. Believe in yourself again and continue this.

1.You love writing

You keep a diary. You write almost every day and love to put your thoughts out on the paper or for that matter anywhere. Putting forward your thoughts and making sense out of it is a trait that only a few possess. Don’t let it go waste. Keep the writing going. This will make you better at it and once your article makes more and more sense it’ll be gathering an audience on its own. Don’t rush it. Sincere request. I know I may have slipped into that trap a while back, but it hit me that I just love putting thoughts out there regardless of how many of you are reading it. I love all two of you.

2. You like sharing

Simply sharing your thoughts to people from far and away is not a problem with you. You want them to know, you want to know them. Get to know their thoughts. Explore, be adventurous with them, make a few friends on the go like I tried sharing my research internship experience. You are no shy category peeps. This is good. Get the explorer in you out via writing. It will help your mind grow thanks to perspectives from people around the world at one place.

3. New Venture

At some point, it had become too monotonous for you. Same routine, nothing exciting was coming your way for a long time now. That excitement that comes with something new and creative was up untill now a void in your life. You wanted to fill it with more creative stuff. You found your calling with blogging. By this time you might have read so many blogs and followed these influencers who were getting people participated in their work and share it with more and more people. Whoo! Sounds so exciting

4. Just trying it out

There were maybe a lot of people around you who got into blogging or youtube. Sharing their ideas or teaching others what they know best. It’s a good way to get the word out here You like how your blogger friends get to interact with people with cultural backgrounds, they love reading positives about their work. Feels really good when you are no the only one who once struggled with something and then you come to know about literally hundreds who went through the same. Feels good to be part of the community. Which brings me to the last point.

5. Build a community

Your uniqueness and your talent is shared by millions around the world. Get them togethere and build a community. To share ideas, learn new things and be a part of an extended family. It brings joy to see people grow and learn in front of you or from you. You would be amazed to see how much positivity is around you. It will get you hitched to this beautiful side of the interwebs.


5 Cheap Alternatives to the Airpods

5 Cheap Alternatives to the Airpods

I saw a thousand stories on Airpods on Snapchat within the past week. “ People with Airpods”, bet your airports can’t do that”, just people constantly throwing shade at the lucky Airpods owner. People love it. Honestly, with or without Airpods, you are part of the wave and kind of enjoy it. Make jokes, be the part of the joke, be the joke whatever floats your boat.

This is the Hype part, but are airports actually worth the hype. They seem to have the fantastic sound quality, look rad and no wires, but these things come at a hefty price and thus the whole meme scene.

You can enjoy the cool technical part in many new Bluetooth devices in the market following the launch of the Airpods. Many companies launched their similar versions, bose, Jabra is some of the good ones but their cost is in the high range only.

Then there is the market of the cheap ones that are just fake with no sound quality, battery life or anything.

Somewhere between these two come the ones that are medium price range with presentable quality and looks.

1. Jaybird X3 Wireless Sport Headphones

5 Cheap Alternatives to the Airpods

They come in four varying shades. Their look and style are sporty and rugged which attracts the runner. The runner in you will want to wear these and go all out. Their brand shouts their motto aloud “ For runners Designed and Built by runners”

So if you want that good sound quality with that cool vibe while you go running. This one is for you

Find your retailer at their official website

2. JLab JBuds Air Wireless Earphones

5 Cheap Alternatives to the Airpods

This piece could very well be the Best out there for BUDGET-LEVEL.

The JBuds Air come programmed with three EQ settings (Balanced, Bass Boost, and Signature) that customize the audio output. Bass Boost is most ideal for workouts and packs punchy lows, while Signature makes minor adjustments to frequency response for better midrange.

JLab’s fitness earbuds have bass-forward sound and modern features that should warrant a higher price tag.

Battery life at a good 4 hours, which is slightly below standard, but the accompanying charging case buys you the 10 hours you need for a healthy long run.

With IPX55 certification they are built to withstand gym sweat and any minor splashes. So don’t you fret they have you covered clumsy hands

The design is a bit bulky and can create some discomfort when worn for long stretches, but it’s sufficient for workouts. You’re only able to take calls on one earpiece as well.

3. Monoprice True Wireless

5 Cheap Alternatives to the Airpods

Monoprice true wireless have the best overall sound quality. The design of the earbud and the accompanying case is very now and chic.

The best things that most of the reviews were about were the easy to operate playback buttons. You don’t have to use voice over to anything. It’s simple and unique.

  • They are IPX4 waterproof. For sweat and minor splashes.

4. Soul Emotion

5 Cheap Alternatives to the Airpods

Sleek and trendy are these soul emotion. Ultra lightweight and designed for every life style

Compact design gives it a bit of an edge from the bulky ones. So if you want to be out there wearing wireless pods but do not want your ears piece to bulge out more than proportions. This one is for you

5. HOCO ES15

My personal favourite on the list is the HOCO ES15. They look and feel premium. Great sound quality and the price is amazing. It is a 100% value for money product. Slight problem with reconnecting both earpieces but keeping that aside this can be my go-to recommendation.


Internship at NUS | #1

Life at NUS

I just joined the National University of Singapore (NUS). This is a series about my thoughts before coming, my initial experience and then my daily routine at World’s 11th ranked University.

Initial thoughts before coming

Since childhood, I have heard about Oxford, Yale, Duke, and Harvard of course but I only came to know about NUS when I was in college. It cannot be said that it has always been my dream to come to NUS but I know if I knew about it It would certainly have been my dream to come to Singapore and experience the best at NUS. Now that I am here I know it is worth all the hype. Cleanliness, arcitecheture, effeciency of transport, the intermingling of cultures, studies, food, there is hardly anything one can point and say That is not right or I would want it some other way.

How Did I get in

I emailed Professor Ong Lee who then forwarded my mail to Professor Hu. From that email from Prof. Hu everything sort of changed around me. This process of emailing was about a month. Researching all the universitites and finding professors with common research topics. I made an excel sheet with my friend who listed all the possible universitires with their QS (QS ranking is a worldwide ranking of University and is considered most reliable) ranking and then we both set to work.

In terms of social circle, the news spread fast that I would be one of the few going for foreign internship and that too in Singapore. Only a few go to Singapore from our college so it became a big deal in my close-knit group. My relatives congratulated me, which happens seldom. This new confidence in me had my parents feel proud of me. Happy times had started.

What Next

The preparations began with documents first. One thing to always keep in mind while planning to go to a new city and wanting to tell everyone about it is that you yourself are sure that you are going to make it. This is in context with the USA. Many people who get professors from the US speak too soon about it and then eventually the VISA gets stuck. This situation is both disappointing to you and embarrassing when your friends make fun of you (in a healthy way of course).

I got a checklist made, emailed the authorities even when I had a slight doubt about anything, made a folder to keep check of all the documents and applied for every form way before the deadline. This gave me confidence and time to change things or reapply if something happens.

Luckily I got everything in time even though it was around Christmas and New year holidays thanks to one of my fellow classmate who is accompanying to me to the University.

As the date came closer, the excitement didn’t kick in. This was surprising. Maybe it was because that my previous week had been completely mundane watching Ted Bundy tapes. It was more anxiety. Packing, shopping, am I forgetting something, so I have all my important documents. The tension was piling up and eventually, the date came. 29th Jan. We had to board our flight. This flight journey is a full article in itself. Next to come.

This article here will help you to know more about how the System works at NUS.