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Before writing anything I just want to clarify that I am no expert. I am a nobody. I am here to write about how I am feeling. Recently discovered that I have mental health issues that have been ignored for quite some time now I was feeling overwhelmed and have decided to write them down.


I already had this website for long now. I thought why not make use of it. I have seen people writing about their lives, video blogs of their life. I am not here for pity. I am just trying to get in touch with my emotions. I have heard that talking about your stuff helps. I have resorted to talking to strangers because I felt most comfortable in doing that. I am not here for subscribers or readers. This is just for clarification of my own mind. I will be honest with everyone. I don’t know how it turns out. This might turn out to be nothing which is what I am expecting out of it. If you read this and you think I have issues let me know. It really helps me to know what a level headed person thinks. I don’t know what I am feeling. Quite blank most of the time.


Physically it seems alright. Mentally it seems alright. But sad as well. Angry as well. Loads of things mixed up maybe or nothing at all maybe. I don’t know how to measure these things. I don’t usually have opinion on certain things because I don’t know what to think. It is blank and it is all mixed up at the same time.


After advice from a friend I have started counselling. I will be writing about my counselling mostly. I have had my first session already. It was exhausting. It was tiring. It was the most exhilarating experience of my life. I felt like eating tons of ice cream after it.


Yes, I think I have eating issues too. I make excuses to feel sad so that I can trick myself into thinking that I need food. How cool is that? huh. Such a fucker. I hate it. So much guilt is followed. I don’t know how to stop myself from eating tons. I eat until my stomach hurts. I need help. I am taking help but I have been told that it is not a quick fix. Which sucks. I wish it was though.


I don’t have time. I have all the time in the world too. This is a stupid idea maybe. Some of my friends do know about this site. If they come to read this I don’t know what I will do. I don’t want to tell them. I don’t want to tell anybody but strangers. Strangers that can help. If you can help please comment. I will get back to you. Do it only if you really really really want to. I don’t want to get into help and feel like a burden. That is a shit feeling. Thanks for reading. I am feeling particularly low right now so this article may seem rude or careless. Really sorry about that.


Why did you start blogging?

How to start blogging

Have you been trying to blog for a while? So have I. Turns out at you to think you start because you love sharing your thoughts and knowledge with people but at some point, it becomes about the traffic you are gathering. It becomes commercial. Makes you feel guilty and a cheat to yourself. I believe you should not feel guilty. It is completely natural to feel that way. Let me revise for you all the reasons why you started blogging. Revisit the zeal you had when you first decided to take this step. Believe in yourself again and continue this.

1.You love writing

You keep a diary. You write almost every day and love to put your thoughts out on the paper or for that matter anywhere. Putting forward your thoughts and making sense out of it is a trait that only a few possess. Don’t let it go waste. Keep the writing going. This will make you better at it and once your article makes more and more sense it’ll be gathering an audience on its own. Don’t rush it. Sincere request. I know I may have slipped into that trap a while back, but it hit me that I just love putting thoughts out there regardless of how many of you are reading it. I love all two of you.

2. You like sharing

Simply sharing your thoughts to people from far and away is not a problem with you. You want them to know, you want to know them. Get to know their thoughts. Explore, be adventurous with them, make a few friends on the go like I tried sharing my research internship experience. You are no shy category peeps. This is good. Get the explorer in you out via writing. It will help your mind grow thanks to perspectives from people around the world at one place.

3. New Venture

At some point, it had become too monotonous for you. Same routine, nothing exciting was coming your way for a long time now. That excitement that comes with something new and creative was up untill now a void in your life. You wanted to fill it with more creative stuff. You found your calling with blogging. By this time you might have read so many blogs and followed these influencers who were getting people participated in their work and share it with more and more people. Whoo! Sounds so exciting

4. Just trying it out

There were maybe a lot of people around you who got into blogging or youtube. Sharing their ideas or teaching others what they know best. It’s a good way to get the word out here You like how your blogger friends get to interact with people with cultural backgrounds, they love reading positives about their work. Feels really good when you are no the only one who once struggled with something and then you come to know about literally hundreds who went through the same. Feels good to be part of the community. Which brings me to the last point.

5. Build a community

Your uniqueness and your talent is shared by millions around the world. Get them togethere and build a community. To share ideas, learn new things and be a part of an extended family. It brings joy to see people grow and learn in front of you or from you. You would be amazed to see how much positivity is around you. It will get you hitched to this beautiful side of the interwebs.


5 Cheap Alternatives to the Airpods

5 Cheap Alternatives to the Airpods

I saw a thousand stories on Airpods on Snapchat within the past week. “ People with Airpods”, bet your airports can’t do that”, just people constantly throwing shade at the lucky Airpods owner. People love it. Honestly, with or without Airpods, you are part of the wave and kind of enjoy it. Make jokes, be the part of the joke, be the joke whatever floats your boat.

This is the Hype part, but are airports actually worth the hype. They seem to have the fantastic sound quality, look rad and no wires, but these things come at a hefty price and thus the whole meme scene.

You can enjoy the cool technical part in many new Bluetooth devices in the market following the launch of the Airpods. Many companies launched their similar versions, bose, Jabra is some of the good ones but their cost is in the high range only.

Then there is the market of the cheap ones that are just fake with no sound quality, battery life or anything.

Somewhere between these two come the ones that are medium price range with presentable quality and looks.

1. Jaybird X3 Wireless Sport Headphones

5 Cheap Alternatives to the Airpods

They come in four varying shades. Their look and style are sporty and rugged which attracts the runner. The runner in you will want to wear these and go all out. Their brand shouts their motto aloud “ For runners Designed and Built by runners”

So if you want that good sound quality with that cool vibe while you go running. This one is for you

Find your retailer at their official website

2. JLab JBuds Air Wireless Earphones

5 Cheap Alternatives to the Airpods

This piece could very well be the Best out there for BUDGET-LEVEL.

The JBuds Air come programmed with three EQ settings (Balanced, Bass Boost, and Signature) that customize the audio output. Bass Boost is most ideal for workouts and packs punchy lows, while Signature makes minor adjustments to frequency response for better midrange.

JLab’s fitness earbuds have bass-forward sound and modern features that should warrant a higher price tag.

Battery life at a good 4 hours, which is slightly below standard, but the accompanying charging case buys you the 10 hours you need for a healthy long run.

With IPX55 certification they are built to withstand gym sweat and any minor splashes. So don’t you fret they have you covered clumsy hands

The design is a bit bulky and can create some discomfort when worn for long stretches, but it’s sufficient for workouts. You’re only able to take calls on one earpiece as well.

3. Monoprice True Wireless

5 Cheap Alternatives to the Airpods

Monoprice true wireless have the best overall sound quality. The design of the earbud and the accompanying case is very now and chic.

The best things that most of the reviews were about were the easy to operate playback buttons. You don’t have to use voice over to anything. It’s simple and unique.

  • They are IPX4 waterproof. For sweat and minor splashes.

4. Soul Emotion

5 Cheap Alternatives to the Airpods

Sleek and trendy are these soul emotion. Ultra lightweight and designed for every life style

Compact design gives it a bit of an edge from the bulky ones. So if you want to be out there wearing wireless pods but do not want your ears piece to bulge out more than proportions. This one is for you

5. HOCO ES15

My personal favourite on the list is the HOCO ES15. They look and feel premium. Great sound quality and the price is amazing. It is a 100% value for money product. Slight problem with reconnecting both earpieces but keeping that aside this can be my go-to recommendation.


Internship at NUS | #1

Life at NUS

I just joined the National University of Singapore (NUS). This is a series about my thoughts before coming, my initial experience and then my daily routine at World’s 11th ranked University.

Initial thoughts before coming

Since childhood, I have heard about Oxford, Yale, Duke, and Harvard of course but I only came to know about NUS when I was in college. It cannot be said that it has always been my dream to come to NUS but I know if I knew about it It would certainly have been my dream to come to Singapore and experience the best at NUS. Now that I am here I know it is worth all the hype. Cleanliness, arcitecheture, effeciency of transport, the intermingling of cultures, studies, food, there is hardly anything one can point and say That is not right or I would want it some other way.

How Did I get in

I emailed Professor Ong Lee who then forwarded my mail to Professor Hu. From that email from Prof. Hu everything sort of changed around me. This process of emailing was about a month. Researching all the universitites and finding professors with common research topics. I made an excel sheet with my friend who listed all the possible universitires with their QS (QS ranking is a worldwide ranking of University and is considered most reliable) ranking and then we both set to work.

In terms of social circle, the news spread fast that I would be one of the few going for foreign internship and that too in Singapore. Only a few go to Singapore from our college so it became a big deal in my close-knit group. My relatives congratulated me, which happens seldom. This new confidence in me had my parents feel proud of me. Happy times had started.

What Next

The preparations began with documents first. One thing to always keep in mind while planning to go to a new city and wanting to tell everyone about it is that you yourself are sure that you are going to make it. This is in context with the USA. Many people who get professors from the US speak too soon about it and then eventually the VISA gets stuck. This situation is both disappointing to you and embarrassing when your friends make fun of you (in a healthy way of course).

I got a checklist made, emailed the authorities even when I had a slight doubt about anything, made a folder to keep check of all the documents and applied for every form way before the deadline. This gave me confidence and time to change things or reapply if something happens.

Luckily I got everything in time even though it was around Christmas and New year holidays thanks to one of my fellow classmate who is accompanying to me to the University.

As the date came closer, the excitement didn’t kick in. This was surprising. Maybe it was because that my previous week had been completely mundane watching Ted Bundy tapes. It was more anxiety. Packing, shopping, am I forgetting something, so I have all my important documents. The tension was piling up and eventually, the date came. 29th Jan. We had to board our flight. This flight journey is a full article in itself. Next to come.

This article here will help you to know more about how the System works at NUS.


10 WOW factors of the New Fitbit Charge 3

10 WOW factors of the New Fitbit Charge 3

‘Wow’ I use the word because something out of the world is involved but how perfectly Fitbit has managed to bridge the gap. Gap between a full smarty smart watch and a simple fitness tracker with the all new Fitbit Charge 3 which went on sale worldwide on 7 October 2018 direct from Fitbit, nearly two months after it was announced on 20 August 2018. The NFC version will ship even later.

Their most advanced fitness tracker.

Smart watches do come loaded with features like the Versa but sometimes are bulky both on the wrist and the pocket. Fitness trackers are plain simple rice. I like rice with curry. Fitbit Charge 3 is plain rice curry with just the perfect amount of spice.

It is not too bulky in looks and is not too simple in features. Talking about features, here are some stand outs :

10 WOW factors of the New Fitbit Charge 3

1. Water Resistance

We have been waiting for this for a long time now mister/sister. Earlier fitbit had limited its water resistance to both of their smart watches, the Ionic and the versa. Including it in their charge series was crucial and awaited. People have loved the charge series and water resistance now makes it irresistible. Swimming mode allows your fitbit to keep a track of your swim. It keeps track of distance, calories and heart rate.

It still needs more with lap calculation, stroke calculation, stroke detection, etc some of which are already available in high versions of their competitors.

2. Touch Screen

10 WOW factors of the New Fitbit Charge 3

Behold, tap screen is now touch screen. Gone are the days when you had to tap 4-5 times to get back to the calories or steps. You can now swipe left, right, up and down in the new Fitbit Charge 3. The screen is more interactive, bolder colours and more responsive. It does not feel like the 90s here anymore. Interactive touch screen on a smart Band. Well, that’s certainly something new. Garmin vivo doesn’t have that yet. If you are wondering that’s all. No hard feelings Garmin.

3. Battery life

Fitbit claims it is 7 days, people have said +6 days which is fine. A difference so little sometimes comes down to subjectivity. User activity creates that much of a difference. Otherwise for a fully interactive screen with multiple exercise options, running timer, alarm clock, notifications and of course the constant beautiful clock face that no longer looks like broken pixels. 7 days is not bad at all. Charge it on the sunday and Monday through week it is all good to go.

4. Drop down notifications and daily activity dashboard

10 WOW factors of the New Fitbit Charge 3

Just like the Versa and Ionic, you can now view your notifications on the all the new drop down menu of the Fitbit Charge 3. Saves you a lot of time while in class, on a run when you don’t have to look at your phone to check whether it is important or not.

The dashboard of daily activities is also from the smartwatch section and is a time saviour too if you want just a quick glance of your stats without the phone.

Want to know more about the Versa Instead?

Buy Fitbit Versa at Exciting offers!

5. Touch Sensitive Side button

10 WOW factors of the New Fitbit Charge 3

The fitbit charge earlier had a physical side button that was used for going back to the previous or main menu. To be honest it was a bit of an aesthetic killer but with Fitbit charge 3 comes a touch sensitive button that vibrates oh so softly with a touch giving a satisfactory feeling to the touch. It is beautiful.

6. Multiple Exercise Options

Taken from the Smartwatch section there are now multiple exercise options like running, swimming, cycling, hiking that you can conveniently begin before the activity to get better results. You can even go to the Fitbit app and choose automatic, then on the fitbit automatically detects your activity next time you go for a run. Only downside is that you can only load up to 6 exercises at a time on the wrist device but can go to the app later and add-on and replace others.

7. Better Durability

Durability is high as with the versa and other fitbit devices. This is not new but from a few customer responses it seems that have had a few good hits to the device one in a while and it didn’t even have a scratch. The gorilla glass is good against possible scratches and cracks. I actually gave a sigh of relief being the carelessly throwing my hands around kind of person. Fitness band should be anything but fragile. Durability is big YES for a clumsy customer like me.


With the high end version of the Fitbit Charge 3 you even get NFCfor tap and pay. You love starbucks then this is for you, payment is as smooth as swiping your band and go. Fitbit does keep bringing more and more third party apps to their store and lately they have bought in good ones like Uber, Starbucks, etc. Lot of scope in this section. So look out for your favourite brand or app.

9. Price

50$ less than the versa but loaded with features almost same and looks classy and premium. I don’t know how they could have made it any better.

Still thinking about the Versa?

10. Miscellaneous

10 WOW factors of the New Fitbit Charge 3
  • Design is great. It feels sleek even with a big design for a fitness band. If you do not want to be seen with a fitness screen watch, this just give the perfect band look that really does look great on the hands.
  • With Changeable bands and variety of options in those. Go for that party or sporty look without a worry to look odd.
  • Heart rate accuracy is higher with the Fitbit charge 3. This is from customer experience. Way to go Fitbit.

All in all in my opinion this is the best the Fitness Band market has to offer closely competing with the Smartwatch market. Smartwatches are not Pocket friendly and we all know that. This band is much lesser than a smartwatch in terms of pricing. There are lot of simple bands in the market that do offer good features at a fairly lower price but are nowhere near to the smartwatch category.

Fitbit Charge 3 is here to stay and Make a mark. That’s for sure

Buy Fitbit Versa at Exciting offers!.


Fitbit calculating steps + calories while on the road?


August 2018 I got my Fitbit Versa. It took me a month to find the perfect fitness tracker for me. I wanted it to be stylish yet rugged. I swim, so water resistant was a big yes from my side.  After a lot of searching and scorching the internet to find the best fitness tracker/ Smart watch at a good price. Soon I realised that my demands weren’t going to be met by something very cheap but at a moderate cost for which I would have to empty my pockets a bit out of my comfort. 

I was adamant to buy the versa. It was the perfect match for all my needs. The day it came I legit skipped my morning class to update and set it up. Over the moon is an understatement.

Then the biggest rock hit me. The Fitbit Community awarded me loads of awards one day. I was shocked. How could I deserve something that I didn’t even achieve. I did not walk 10,000 steps.  I definitely was thousands of steps behind from reaching 20,000. My versa was counting steps while I was travelling by bus to my college. Without a doubt, I was the most upset fitness enthusiast at that time. It shattered me. I felt like I wasted my money. As a college student money is THE major factor for me. I couldn’t believe that I had spent my precious for something I can’t be proud to wear anymore.

Not only was it counting it all wrong but misbalancing my actual routine. I loved seeing the number at the steps I took at the gym. Now I had to subtract and math it all to actually find out. I did not sign up for the hassle.

That is too much of a rant. Let us get to the problem, solution and what others had to say about this.

The problem Specific :

Fitbit counts steps while in the car, bus etc. It misbalances the whole tracking of an Individual. It makes you wonder the worth of your money. Let us see some of the questions asked by many in the Fitbit Community. Later on we shall what Fitbit has to answer for this mishap.

Fitbit calculating steps + calories while on the road?
It seems this is a common problem
Fitbit calculating steps + calories while on the road?
Very common and frustrating

What is the Source of this Problem:

Well, someone was helpful enough to link the problem to WHERE THE PROBLEM ARISES FROM. This seems fair enough to first get to know the source of the problem and if we can manually Solve it. Here is the link and what it provides.

Fitbit devices use a 3-axis accelerometer to understand your motions. An accelerometer is a device that turns movement (acceleration) into digital measurements (data) when attached to the body. By analysing acceleration data, our devices provide detailed information about frequency, duration, intensity, and patterns of movement to determine your steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, and sleep quality.

The devices have a finely tuned algorithm for step counting. Algorithm is designed to look for motion patterns that are most indicative of people walking. It determines whether a motion’s size is large enough by setting a threshold. If the motion and its subsequent acceleration measurement meet the threshold, the motion will be counted as a step. If the threshold is not met, the motion won’t be counted as a step.

Other factors can create enough acceleration to meet our threshold and cause some over counting of steps, such as riding on a bumpy road. Fitbit engineers have worked diligently on your tracker’s algorithms to make sure that it does not pick up false steps or activity recordings while in a car. Unless you are driving in a car with a stiff transmission or on back country roads, your tracker should not give you credit for any work that you don’t do. 

How Accurate are the FITBIT Device actually ?

This question naturally arises as the price of Fitbit devices are nowhere near the lower side in the market. They ask for a good amount of money for which you expect to get a decent product that is accurate and does its own work. Since this is not head on related to the solution you are looking for I will just provide the link to the article here.

Solutions on the Fitbit Community :

 1. STEPS DELETION         

The help article recommends to delete steps that the device counts while you are on the drive. 

Log in to your dashboard

Click log activity.

You can now delete the steps, floors and calories for the time you specify.

It does not seem right. I did not buy to do the work manually. All I wanted was a device that could do that for me. Anyway here is the article that teaches how to delete your steps. I personally did not like this solution.

Most of the people agreed that this was not at all a feasible solution to a problem so grave. People had different reactions.

Fitbit calculating steps + calories while on the road?
1.  Problem
Fitbit calculating steps + calories while on the road?
2. Problematic and frustrating
Fitbit calculating steps + calories while on the road?

2. DriveBit App

One of the Fitbit Community member suggested to download DriveBit App, this app takes the hassle our of keeping your steps count while driving accurate.

Once you get into the car simply tap ‘START’ , this begins the trip. Once over, click ‘STOP’ to automatically log the car drive to your Fitbit account. The app takes care of keeping track of the length of your drive and syncs it as a new activity to your Fitbit account in the background. The activity overrides any erroneously counted steps and keeps your step-count accurate.

This solution seems to be working for a lot of people. It is more user friendly to just tap on and off then to set a fixed time for the time you’ll be driving. This seems more accurate than the later.

3. Shift to Dominant Wrist

Shifting to dominant wrist makes the Fitbit less senstive to small movements. However this is not the case for everybody and is too subjective to be regarded as a proper solution.

Other Communities

My Fitness Pal 

Most of the solutions were the same. The solution on DriveBit App seems to be the most popular here as well.

Fitbit calculating steps + calories while on the road?


I am a Fitbit Versa owner. I love it. This problem is a big concern for me. I would like to request to the Fitbit makers to look into this and get rid of it. If I knew this would happen it would have affected my decision. I am FITBIT fan and this is more of a concern then a complaint from my side.

Check out my One week review of the FITBIT VERSA

More on fitness trackers.

How does a heart rate monitor on a fitness tracker works ?


How to Start Blogging the right way | Step Zero

How to start blogging
How to start blogging

Have you seen bloggers building their own website, creating content, getting responses from people that love them. Making money through blogging has become second nature to the internet after Youtube. Even though blogging entered the market first. Youtube has been gaining a lot of attention. You need to start blogging or at least think about it.

But let’s be straight here and digest that fact that starting a youtube channel is not for everybody. It is either you are great in front of cameras or you have a talent that the world is waiting to see. Those are hard to find and you a simple person like me just needs a safe place in the internet.

Blogging is just the right stepping stone from you. It does not matter where you go from here. It is ok if you stay here for the longest time. You stay here only is fine by me. I will make this simpler for you by telling you exactly how you start. Just Start. 

Before I begin let me tell you what this blog is not about. It is not about the fact that you already have a blog and are looking for ways to promote it or where you went wrong when you started.

This is not about changing your niches because yours isn’t working. This blog is strictly about people who have had a just a teeny tiny thought of blogging and this in fact the first page they are reading.

Hello there!

Start thinking about Blogging :

1.You are doing the right thing

How to start blogging

This is a great step. Start Blogging : Blogging is a good thought. You want to write and here I present to you the best platform for it. It is a respectable and brave thing to do. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. It requires courage and a whole lot of confidence to put your thoughts out there. You might have heard this multiple times already. I know. 

Telling you this is so important that I don’t mind writing it once more even though I know you know. Most of the time people do want to start blogging but they shy away, their friends talk them out of it. They think it is a noob thing to do. People who have no other work do this. Untrue.

If you want to share your knowledge about anything. You have been working on it for so long that you now know the initial problems, steps to take and everything then it is a noble thought to spread it. AND that is what blogging is. It is in fact only for people who work. Through blogging what they are essentially doing is sharing their work. So that myth about workless people is going to the trash bin

2.  Write anything

How to start blogging

Anything at all. This is like the 9th grade friends party which you ruin by thinking about it too much and dreaming loads of it and then your parents don’t allow for it. Don’t think about it too much just get to it. Write whatever is on your mind. Just Start Blogging.

Think about the thing that you are best at. Or just write about something you learned. Internet maybe a scary place when it comes to making your own mark but the positive about it is that it accepts all the information. You never know what you might be thinking is useless information maybe helpful to a person living miles away from you.

Important thing here is to start and not worry. Atleast for the first few articles. You get ahead of thousands of people when you write your first article. Most of them don’t start it. Way to go blogger!

How to Start Blogging the right way | Step Zero

3. Don’t be Afraid of the results

How to start blogging

Results must be the lease of your worries at this baby stage. They will start to matter when you are deep in your blogging journey and still haven’t heard any positives from anybody. At that time you might want to start thinking result oriented. 

At the beginning be Consistency orientated. Your prime focus is to keep up and keep writing and not give up. The one who masters consistency is already ahead of everybody. Not that this is a competition but is necessary for you to make your mark.

4. Be informative

How to start blogging

People love a good information filled article so that they do not have to go anywhere else. Fill your content with useful and most required information. This would come naturally if you have had hands on experience with the knowledge that you are sharing.

Don’t try to fool people by writing rubbish. People are smart and they will take no time in discarding you off the internet if you are using their interest to give them useless information.

Take time on your articles. Better them and publish only when you know you would want to read it. If you are not sure of it, other people will feel the same way about it. 

Start Blogging : Here is an example of a good and informative blog

5. Consistency

How to start blogging

Be thorough and consistent. Continue doing the thing. Intially you will have what 4-5 visitors but that’s okay and normal. Consistency is the mother tool for the whole of internet success.

Here I am linking a few articles about starting your blog that I read when I first started my blog. These people are professionals and have passed through the stage that we are struggling from. 

To Start blogging look at these for example :

Try to learn from them and do not copy. One thing that the internet hates are copy cats. Be original and natural. Let it flow. If it has to be it will be.

Good luck. Let me know how is the blogging going on.

How to Start Blogging | Step Zero


Working of Heart Rate Monitor explained | Today I learned

Working of heart rate monitor explained | Today I learned

Working of a heart rate monitor explained | Today I learned

Curious minds are the best minds. People who question everything are my favourite kind of people. Let us talk about curiosity questions behind heart rate monitor.

Owning a gadget  becomes more meaningful when you know each and everything about it. How do the elements work and what they do exactly on the device.

We all know about heart rate monitors on our smart devices. Be it phones, fitness bands, fitness watches, smart watches, heart rate monitor devices.

Here we won’t be talking abut professional heart rate monitors used by doctors but the everyday use heart rate monitors that give more meaning and stats to our workouts, jogs, runs, step counting etc.

Working of heart rate monitor explained | Today I learned

Components of a heart rate monitor


     1.Light Sensor

They can be of many types. Depends on the company. The type here is not necessary, almost all have similar principles.

     2.Light Source

The light source is typically a LED. Most companies use Green colour LED. Why the green colour you ask? Well, there is an explanation for that as well. Read on.

Principle of the heart rate monitor

It works on three principles of different domains. The machine principle, the body principle and the light principle.

  • The machine principle :

The heart rate monitor works on the principle of absorption and reflection of light. The sensor detects the amount of light reflected and based on that information we get to know our heart rate.

  • The body principle :

Our veins have capillaries which contain blood. The red colour of the blood is because they absorb all other colours and reflect red. This information is vital when I explain the working of the heart rate monitor.

  • The light principle :

Light has property to get reflected or absorbed. This property helps us see the colour we want to see. All colours are absorbed by black and similarly white reflects all the colours.

Working of the heart rate monitor

Working of heart rate monitor explained | Today I learnedWhat does the light source and the sensor do?

The light source sends green light through our skin into the blood. The blood being red absorbs the green light thrown at it. Photodetector sensor senses this absorption.

What does the sensor actually sense?

More the absorption of light lesser is the light reflected and vice versa. This reflection of less or more light is detected by the photodetector. The light reflected from the blood capillaries.

How does this absorption measure our heart rate?

Absorption is directly proportional to the blood present/blood density. More the blood more is the absorption i.e heart rate is higher. Density of blood varies and so does light absorption by the capillaries.

Less absorption means less blood capillaries to absorb light i.e heart rate is lower.

What happens if our heart rate decreases or increases?

When the heart rate monitor shows 73 it that means blood is being pumped into our veins at a rate of 73.  More blood being pumped will show higher heart rate. More blood means more capillaries and more capillaries means more absorption of the light.

That’s it. Optical heart rate monitors are that simple. They just use simple principle of light and voila!

Where can you find optical heart rate monitors?

Working of heart rate monitor explained | Today I learned

  • ECG or EKG machines used by hospitals detect most accurate heart rate. That method is too bulky and far from practical.
  • Professional athletes use strap on bands that have same electrodes found in ECG whereas normal consumer feels awkward and not practical with this method too.
  • Smart watches, fitness bands and smart phones use optical heart rate monitors thereby a close to accurate heart rate is available at no extra baggage or cost.

All about the Fitbit Versa | One week Review


Main drawbacks :

Inaccuracy constitutes the skin texture, less amount of light reflected, processing.

Skin texture

Tattoos or dark skin or others absorb a lot of light resulting in poor results.


Bones, muscles also reflect or absorb light which makes the processing difficult as not all light is from or to blood.

Reflected light

The light reflected to the sensor is very less. This poses a problem too.


Now you can tell this to your friends and family. You know what you are wearing and you now know how it works. That is the kind of confidence we all dream of don’t we?

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Mi MIX 3 | Upcoming Smartphones


Mi MIX 3 | Important Specification


Not a tech geek are you? Well neither am

I. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming Art Mi MIX 3 , as they are calling it from Xiaomi.


  • The Mi MIX 3 is all set to release on 25th October 2018 here in India. Mi on their official twitter account have flamboyantly marked it as ART X TECHNOLOGY. No doubt that from the leaked Images surfacing on the Internet this is indeed a different and beautiful phone.

  • It is not even close to the clone smartphones available in the market right now. Every phones just looks like the one right next to it. Mi MIX 3 has a dual front facing camera for better face recognition

  • The phone is expected to be priced near about 35000. It will give intense competition to the newly released One plus flagship, The One plus 6T.


  • Mi MIX 3 has a dual front camera (24 MP) as visible in the photos. This improves the face recognition. The phone also boasts of a Selfie-Light. In the market after this their might not be any that can give competition in terms of selfies.


  • Brace yourself for this one. Mi MIX 3 comes with a whooping RAM of 10 GB. You don’t need to re-read that. It is indeed 10 GB. So all your problems of multitasking are now solved. Play PUBG and ASPHALT simultaneously if you wish to and it will run smoothly as ever.


  • Mi MIX 3 is expected to come with a glass back so wireless charging should be enabled. The glass back looks classy and gives the premium look that you expect to get in 35K smartphone.
  • According to a different Weibo leakster, the Mi MIX 3 won’t be coming with an in-display fingerprint reader but with a rear-mounted one instead


  • According to a Video released by Mi on their official twitter account. The screen of the Mi MIX 3 is a slider. You slide it down to make way for the camera which then recognises the face in milliseconds and unlocks the phone.


  • Other Specs Being,  Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 mobile features a 6.4″ (16.26 cm) display with a screen resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels and runs on Android v8.0 (Oreo) operating system. The device is powered by Octa core (2.8 GHz, Quad core, Kryo 385 + 1.8 GHz, Quad core, Kryo 385) processor paired with 6 GB of RAM. As far as the battery is concerned it has 4000 mAh.


  • Rear camera in this mobile has a 16 MP + 13 MP camera Exmor-RS CMOS Sensor supporting a resolution of 4616 x 3464 Pixels and the front snapper is powered by a Exmor-RS CMOS Sensor. Other sensors include Light sensor, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, Barometer, Compass, Gyroscope.


  • No, haven’t forgotten about the fingerprint sensor. It does have one.


  • Maximum memory is 256 GB and not expandable.

These are some of the main specs bulleted for all of you. Hope you now more about the Mi MIX 3. It looks so good that I can’t wait to get my hands on.

For pictures check out Mi Official Twitter Account

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All about the Fitbit Versa | One week Review

smart watch

All you need to know about the Fitbit Versa | One week Review

This is a comprehensive review of the Fitness smart watch Versa Released on 13th May in India at a price of 19,999 Rupees.

Categories :


2. Hands on Fitness Experience


4. Water Performance

5. Sleep Tracking

6. Women Health

7. Music

8. Miscellaneous

  1. Aesthetics

The watch looks classy on any hand. It is a unisex watch and looks great on both the sexes. A very soothing design that does not shout BIG ELECTRONIC GADGET ON MY WRIST. Most importantly the quality of the material gives it a premium feel and look. Nowhere near to cheap plastic that just feels wrong any day. Definitely a go to if you want a smart watch with them looks.

  • Very chic with formals.
  • Works like a sports watch but certainly doesn’t feel like one.

2. Hands on Fitness Experience

I wore it 24×7. Did not even take it off once. With Complete use with notification the battery ran for 3 full days and on the 4th day there was still 17% of it left when I put it up for charging because I am frenzy like that. It sits on your wrist very comfortably. Never too bulky or in the way of your normal chores. It becomes a part of you.

Full use

I tried using every mode available. Be it Running, Workout, Swimming, treadmill and more. Used the relax app. Tried using Uber. Deezer, unfortunately does not work in my country which is a bummer. All in all it is a good watch but mine had a problem where it just showed my heart rate to be too damn high. Fitbit really needs to send an update to fix this issue. This is not exclusive to me but I found forums related to this. FITBIT.

Gym sessions

Daily Gym sessions. Weight training. The heart rate seems pretty okay though I was told by my trainer that it might be showing too much. After checking on the internet my Max came out to be 199 and the fitbit showed 192 sometimes which seemed a little on the higher side. This is something I did not expect to be extremely accurate it is reasonably good.


– Works fine when showering. Just the touch becomes a little hard.

Accurate Heart rate

– Seems just fine. Not too accurate but just fine. If you are into sports and tracking everybit. I advice going against buying it. Not for professionals. It is for people who go to the gym, sometimes go for a run and minor activites. Nothing major like Mountain climbing, daily hikes or anything like that.


– Shows the calories burned while working out and congrats you when you reach your goal calories for the day. Pretty sweet.

With the session it shows the Time of workout and side by side clock which I find is very convenient as I am almost always in a rush. Need to keep track of that time.

3. Charging

I was a little worried when the description didn’t say fast charging. With all the smartphones having quick charge you get used to it. For a smart watch it charges pretty quickly. This is a deal breaker for some, charging is primary.

4. Water

Touch becomes a bit hard in water otherwise Same glare. BUt for that we can use buttons so that is acceptable for a screen that small and its just a watch after all and no 90k smartphone.

5. Music

Connection and all to the bluetooth is cool but sometimes disconnects. Like for a good 2-3 times it didn’t vibrate when the phone rang. Reasons could be I exited the App on the phone. Exiting the app for me is normal as I sometimes I just Clear all the apps. SO that was a bummer for me.

Putting songs on the watch is a bit of a hassle I so wish there was Spotify.

6. Sleep tracking

Probably one of my favourite features in the Versa. I just personally love knowing how much and how well I have slept. I constantly compare my sleep with the average sleep and what should I do to improve it.

7. Women health

It keeps track of your periods. Gives you tips on pre periods acne etc. Handy and useful if you are like me. I have never remembered the date and almost always get that awful surprise. Thanks Fitbit you have made my life easier more than one way.

8. Music

Well I tried putting songs in this. To be honest it isn’t easy. Not at all. Not when you do work mostly on your phone. I miss Spotify. Fitbit are you listening.


9. Miscellaneous

The worst part is when it counts my steps when I am on a bus ride. 30k Steps seriously Fitbit? I am not trail walker. It is too bad. It counts steps when I am in a car etc. So irritating. It throws off my analysis so unbalanced.



Fitbit needs to update the software and fix minor issues like hiked heart rate. Otherwise it is an excellent watch. Wear to the gym, casually to the class, to parties, pool parties, showers and anywhere and everywhere. You’ll love it. No other watch shall look so dapper and efficient in your eyes ever.

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Buy it now here. Exciting EMI offers available.